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Liberal “Journalist” Calls For ORGANIZED Violent Resistance After Baseball Attack

The left is secretly celebrating the violent attack on a GOP baseball practice in Virginia yesterday, with some of their media operatives even pushing for a more thorough assault on American conservatives.

Social media was rife with ugly examples of liberal Americans refusing to condemn the actions of radical leftist James T. Hodgkinson yesterday.  It was as if this Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer-turned-lone wolf democratic terrorist was speaking for the greater liberal lifeline instead of against the very sanctity of our elected governance.  In the absence of these accolades, however, was something even more disturbing:  Total silence.

Whereas the lunatic left was forced to denounce Kathy Griffin’s gruesome publicity stunt in which she realistically mocked the ISIS-style beheading of President Trump, with many taking to Facebook and Twitter to reluctantly say that enough is enough, these same anti-conservative agents of hate are eerily quiet after the violence that rocked that baseball diamond in Virginia.  It is this cold and chilling silence that has led many to believe that the left has traded in their condolences for condoning of Hodgkinson’s actions.

Now, one Huffington Post “writer” has taken his verbal vomit up a notch after the attack, freely disseminating advice to the next generation of would-be liberal terrorists.

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“Huffington Post writer Jesse Benn responded to the attempted massacre of Republican lawmakers yesterday by mulling over how ‘ violent resistance’ needs to be more ‘organized’ in order to ‘work’.

“’For violent resistance to work it’d need to be organized. Individual acts can be understandable, but likely counterproductive/ineffective,’ tweeted Benn, who describes himself as a ‘member of the intolerant left.’

“In other tweets, he sarcastically responds to people who argued that change can happen without violence.

“In a related development, the Huffington Post deleted an article from its website first published on Saturday that called for Donald Trump to be executed.

“Contributor Jason Fuller wrote that impeachment was not enough to ‘drain the swamp’ and that Trump must face ‘the ultimate punishment’.”

The election of Donald Trump to the presidency has been a catalyst for the increasingly violent left, who have not only sparked their own New Fascism movement in an attempt to completely molest the First Amendment, but the fair and uncontested election has galvanized and refocused the entire liberal population.  Instead of the meek, conniving rats that we used to tolerate as stowaways in our governmental vessel, we are now faced with mutinous miscreants who are increasingly capable of heinous and violent acts against their fellow countrymen.

No, this is not democracy, nor is it “resistance”.  What we’re seeing now is pure, unadulterated, radical leftist terrorism, and the entire progressive ethos and its members will require a thorough program of surveillance and preemptive action in order to maintain our nation’s sovereignty from these fascist fools.

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