Liberal Hollywood Actress Claims London Terror “Set Up” By President Trump


Hollywood is being overrun with loony leftists and their cockamamy conspiracy theories regarding Donald Trump, and this most recent nonsense is unbelievable.

Between the bevy of Tinsel Town’s most prolific B-listers who promised to move out of the country if Donald Trump became President, (and subsequently reneged on that promise), to the absurd videotaped pleas by Hollywood’s whiniest progressives asking America to resist the President at every opportunity, Southern California’s pseudo-famous have been out for blood in recent months.

Now that Donald Trump is succeeding, much to the dismay of these Obama-philes, several of Hollywood’s most outspoken Trump haters have turned to wild conspiracy theories in order to delegitimize the President.

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Take this insane tweet by Patricia Arquette as an example:


Yes.  Patricia Arquette believes that the London terror attack that killed 4 and wounded dozens was all set up by the Trump administration to distract Americans from the investigation into his ties to Russia.

On its face, this is a bizarre theory.  First, the ties between Russia and Trump have been thoroughly debunked in previous investigations, and this latest foray into the matter is simply a continuation of the liberals’ straw-grasping strategy when it comes to Donald Trump.  They’re relying on the “spray and pray” method of attacking the President, by saying any and everything negative they can possibly conjure up in their warped minds, and they are hoping that something will stick.

Secondly, Arquette’s unbelievably classless assertion is completely disrespectful to the loved ones affected by this heinous attack.  She is merely exploiting this tragedy to further her own pontification against the President of the United States, and in no way wishes to show any compassion for the victims of this crime.  It is this self-serving attitude that has many in America turning away from Hollywood in general.

When terror strikes abroad, especially when it affects our greatest ally, the reaction from all Americans should be compassion and caring – not an immediate “hey look at me” tirade against a President who has vowed to eradicate the evil doers responsible.


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