Liberal Freak-Outs Over Trump’s Missed Briefings are Not what they Seem

The left is having a cow because President-Elect Trump chooses not to get the President’s Daily Briefings (PDB) every day. The truth is they their freak-out has nothing to do with the PDB, or even the fact that he beat their corrupt nominee to win the election. Donald Trump scares the hell out of liberals.

The liberals say that because the doesn’t get the PDB daily the PEOTUS was proving he will be unprepared for the presidency, some add the President-Elect’s Sunday comment to Chris Wallace demonstrated extreme hubris:

“I get it when I need it, I’m, like, a smart person…I don’t have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years.”

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But Trump wasn’t exhibiting the kind of hubris seen in Shakespearian tragedy. Having spent much of my adult life in major corporations such as Interpublic, Disney and Viacom, the President-Elect’s statement was recognizable immediately. Perhaps because many of Trump’s critics on this issue are either lifelong politicians or broadcasters, who have only set foot in major corporate offices for things like requesting campaign donations, or news interviews they didn’t recognize why Trump answering that way. After all, these are people who never had to deal with the extreme real-world pressure of delivering the EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes and amortization) promised to stockholders

The President-Elect’s answer was similar to what would come from the mouth of a quality CEO of any major corporation, “Come back when you have something new.” And I wouldn’t worry, because as this type of Manager the first time someone doesn’t come back when there’s something new, Trump will (using the technical b-school jargon) rip them a new one.

Even his “I’m, like, a smart person” was not an indication of hubris. He was assuring voters that he’s smart enough to recognize when things begin to change, and when more frequent meetings become necessary.

The MSM still hasn’t figured out the reason Trump doesn’t act like the typical politician is because he’s not supposed to act like a typical politician. America voted for a strong successful business manager to be their next president–and that is exactly what they got.

Successful managers only receive “regular” updates from their senior staff when there is something new for them to present.  Even if daily meetings were limited to the managers of the most critical of departments, those meetings would prevent a CEO of a major corporation from providing a vision, and managing the vast expanse of the rest of their company. If that kind of management style is important for the CEO of a major corporation to be successful, imagine how necessary it is for the POTUS–an executive managing the massive federal bureaucracy, to manage that way.

Some say one of the reasons the Carter administration had so much difficulty (okay was so lousy) was his very hands-on management style. Conversely one reason President Reagan may have been so very successful was that like a CEO he didn’t need daily meetings, nor did he need to be involved in every little decision. Reagan absorbed new information, set the vision for his administration, and was very involved in only the most important decisions.

Bubba Clinton was also very hands on…but what he had “hands on” had very little to do with the country or his management style

As it turns out, the Reuters report of last Friday, that Trump only receives one intelligence briefing per week was “fake news.”

Per the RNC’s chief strategist and communications director Sean Spicer, “three times a week” he receives the official PDB briefing, but “every single day, he’s getting a briefing.” Those every-day briefings come from his national security adviser, United States Army Lt. Gen. Ret. Michael Flynn. Even though Spicer didn’t say it, one may be able to assume that Flynn’s briefings are more “bottom-lined” than the very detailed PDB and expandable of course, when necessary…


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