Liberal Feminist Camille Paglia says the Democrat Party has Destroyed Journalism!

I’ve said this many times before, and i’m sure i’ll say it again…

Feminist, lesbian professor and author Camille Paglia is my favorite liberal. She and I disagree on so much in politics and culture… but we agree on some of the most important foundational issues of liberty and public discourse.

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In recent years Paglia has attacked modern feminism as not being “real” feminism because it has focused on demeaning men instead of lifting women. She has attacked the Democrat Party for supporting the immoral and unethical Clinton family and not supporting true “liberal” ideals. She has mocked the Politically Correct campus cry-babies for refusing to listen to conservative speakers, or for demanding that everyone just believe what liberals are teaching. She is a Bernie Sanders supporting liberal, but she is an ally of conservatives in the war for truth and liberty.

She proved it again this week when she appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio show and destroyed the mainstream media for allowing itself to be prostituted to the Democrat Party.

Paglia argued that what the Democrat Party had done to journalism in America was “grotesque” and she added that it would take “years” for American journalism to recover.

“It’s obscene. It’s outrageous, OK? It shows that the Democrats are nothing now but words and fantasy and hallucination and Hollywood. There’s no journalism left. What’s happened to The New York Times? What’s happened to the major networks? It’s an outrage. I’m a professor of media studies, in addition to a professor of humanities, OK? And I think it’s absolutely grotesque the way my party has destroyed journalism. Right now, it is going to take decades to recover from this atrocity that’s going on where the news media have turned themselves over to the most childish fraternity, kind of buffoonish behavior.”

You can listen to the segment at

Listen to what Paglia recently said about liberal fascists who want to force everyone to speak like them:

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