Liberal Fascism in California Reaches New Heights With Decision on Stars and Stripes


Californians have long shirked the rest of the nation as it pertains to conservative values, constantly attempting to reinvent the U.S. in their own image.

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Unfortunately, California is far and beyond the outlier in terms of the American experience.  The state, one of the bluest to ever exist, seems entirely hellbent on refuting and rebuking any idea or policy implemented by anyone who isn’t a bleeding heart liberal.  The state has even gone so far as to suggest that secession from the United States is on the table, in response to the fair and definitive election of republican President Donald Trump.

Now, the leftist lunatics of the Bear Republic have yet another feather in their America-hating cap, with a new ruling regarding the display of the American flag at institutions of learning within the state.

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“The student senate of the University of California at Davis has made displaying the American flag optional.

“A resolution, passed last week, says that because ‘the concept of United States of America and patriotism is different for every individual, it should not be compulsory that the flag is in view at all times during Senate meetings.’

“In a highly bureaucratic dance (the young students are apparently preparing to become Democratic politicians), the revised bylaws ‘give senate members the option to petition for the display of the flag 24 hours before each meeting. The ASUCD senate pro tem ultimately has authority to decide whether the U.S. flag will be displayed, according to the revision,’ reports The Sacramento Bee.

The ridiculousness of this ruling, and its liberally influenced impetus, are plain and simple:  The people of California do not believe that the United States should be United at all.

Surely, there are plenty of ways in which a state can exert its authority over the federal government, and rightly so.  States’ rights are an integral part of the American Dream, however, this latest action by California proves that leaders in the state are not interested in the sovereignty of the entire nation to which they belong.  Instead, they are attempting to create a separatist state that could very well go to war with the very ethos of the United States.

This all plays into the left and their new segregationist movement that began in earnest back in November when democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was thoroughly embarrassed at the polls by Donald Trump and the nation’s vast majority of conservative electors.  Since that time, the democratic party has done very little to stem the prejudices of their constituents, who have incited violence and called into question the very legitimacy of the 2016 election.  Instead of working together to make America great again, the liberals of the state of California would much rather discriminate against those who voted for the President than extend the olive branch that democrats often claim to be the sole bearers of.


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