Liberal “Fairness” Tax in Seattle Inspires GOP-Sponsored Civil Disobedience

There have been a litany of nonsensical liberal economic policies floated throughout our modern history, and Seattle is no stranger to them.

While the democrats continue to parade around the nation as if they have some sort of financial prowess, the truth is that the only two economic characters in their cast of miscreants are a democratic socialist under investigation by the FBI over a shady land deal, and a wannabe Native American who wasn’t even qualified to get the VP nod from the most corrupt politician in modern history.  Now, one plan in Seattle has conservatives completely enraged, and with good reason, as the left continues to employ their Robin Hood schtick wherever they have political superiority.

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The so-called “fairness” tax in the nation’s northwestern capital has republicans so upset that they are encouraging their constituents to boycott the tax in civil disobedience.

“The tax, passed by the Seattle City Council, targets high-income earners as part of what local lawmakers call ‘a new formula for fairness.’

“But critics and analysts say it was passed in defiance of state law, and the state GOP has escalated its opposition by urging residents to ‘forcefully resist.’

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“’This law is unconstitutional, illegal, and against the voter’s will expressed nine times at the ballot box and it deserves nothing less than civil disobedience – that is, refusal to comply, file or pay,’ the Washington State Republican Party said in a written statement.

The tax, like other measures intended to level the playing field between the wealthy and the middle class, is a stark reminder as to how our nation came to be founded in the first place.

Taxation has always been a tricky subject for Americans, who are are more than happy to recall incidents such as the Boston Tea Party with patriotic pride.  Furthermore, the nation as a whole has rejected the idea that equalization is akin to equality, deposing many a politician who would have further enhanced our country’s entitlement epidemic.  Bernie Sanders, whose economic views are radical to say the least, pushed his party to the left as Hillary Clinton colluded with the DNC to oust the Vermont Senator, falling victim to the same “steal from the rich” rhetoric that has made Sanders such a political outlier in the first place.  Subsequently, the nation rejected the possibility of a Hillary presidency, cementing our collective stance against this sort of un-American cooking of the societal books.

Seattle, it seems, is looking for a fiscal fight.

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