Liberal Extremists Cause Chaos in DACA Protests, Violence Forthcoming

Radical leftists have been ready to protest at the drop of a hat this year, as the mainstream media and democratic politicians egg them on.

Worse still, these extremists have turned time and time again to “black bloc” tactics in their gatherings, concealing their identities while they commit egregious acts of violence and vandalism from coast to coast.

Now, they’ve been set off again by the Trump administration’s decision to cease the automatic renewals of former President Obama’s illegally-installed DACA program, that deferred the deportation of illegal immigrants who were brought to America as young children.

Trump and his advisers are in no way suggesting a mass deportation or sweeping roundup of these so-called “dreamers”.  In fact, Trump is giving congress 6 months to reinstall DACA legally, through binding legislation.

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Now, set off by the decision, and looking for a new social media profile picture of their dissent, protesters across the nation are gathering to “resist” the President once again.

“Immigration activists took to the streets Tuesday to protest the Trump administration’s decision to end the 2012 program that deferred deportations for nearly a million young people who were brought to the U.S.

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions outlined the decision at the Justice Department, arguing that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was an ‘unconstitutional’ overreach of former President Obama’s executive authority.

“After the decision was announced, protesters marched in cities across the country, including Denver, Phoenix, Washington and New York City.

“In Manhattan, police handcuffed more than a dozen immigration activists who blocked Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower. The protests grew to roughly 400 people on Tuesday. At least 34 protesters were arrested, a New York Police Department spokesperson told CBS News.

“In Denver, students walked out of several high schools to protest the decision. Students marched with signs in support of DACA and joined a larger demonstration downtown, CBS Denver reports.

“‘I started crying because I don’t think it’s fair that people think that DACA is something wrong when it’s not,’ Maria Daniela Lopez, a DACA applicant, told the station.”

The facts regarding DACA are not being widely disseminated by the mainstream media, who are relying on the forthcoming violence to bolster their abysmal ratings.

Once again, we must be reminded that this political theater is nothing more than an ugly routine that sells advertising on CNN.  The provocation of these progressive pundits and petulant spinsters is not for the good of the nation, but rather, for the good of television executives’ wallets.  By covering only the left’s version of the DACA story, CNN and others are guaranteeing themselves a juicy riot to tie their advertisers to.

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