Liberal Explains Democrats “Sustained” Effort to Delegitimize Donald Trump

While most liberals are still complaining about how unfair and anachronistic the Electoral College is, some are looking for ways for Democrats to regain power.

That is, after all, the whole point of politics – to gain power and control.

Politicians – no matter what letter is after their name – market themselves as public “servants,” but the reality is that they just want to win so they can have power, wealth, and control over people like you and me.

People looked at Trump as the solution to this self-serving political culture. Time will tell if America’s choice was the right answer.

But in the meantime, Chris Hayes over at MSNBC is thinking the best strategy for Democrats to regain their power is “sustained efforts at total delegitimization, no matter how deranged.”

Here’s what he said:

“I for a long time — I remember covering the tea party and people thought wow, those people are losing their minds. They are screaming at people at rallies. And I remember covering birtherism. And thinking this is deranged. This is a deranged theory that is being promoted by a con artist and huge parts of the Republican base are going for it. They’re flirting with it. He’s going to get the Mitt Romney endorsement and show up at CPAC. This is a group of people losing their mind. It turns out that was incredibly politically effective. Isn’t the answer here that sustained efforts at total delegitimization, no matter how deranged, is actually the path back to power?”

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