Liberal Director says Don’t Bomb ISIS, “Love” Them

Liberals often attack conservatives for being “closed-minded,” “ignorant,” and sometimes even “uncultured.”

What is surprising about these names, is that so often it’s liberals who fit that mean-spirited description.

Whether on college campuses where conservatives ideas are not allowed to enter the minds of students because they are considered “offensive.” So, instead students will demand a “safe space” where their “open minds” are not forced to consider a diversity of ideas.

Or when they argue that acculturation and cultural “appropriation” are wholly racist trends that demean, not praise, the culture being appropriated. (Apparently, the old maxim of imitation being the most sincere form a flattery is not appreciated on college campuses.)

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However, I think that liberals are most often unmasked as “ignorant” when they blindly assume that every culture, every faith, every tradition, and every person hold the same basic values and same basic core tenets. I think this willful ignorance of the world around them is what endangers our nation, our culture, and our world most today. Allow me to explain by introducing you to Josh Fox, the liberal director of such cinematic refuse as Gasland.

When Fox learned that President Trump had authorized the military to drop the “Mother of All Bombs” (MOAB) on ISIS in Afghanistan, he was inconsolable and he argued that instead we should be loving ISIS into submission.

Josh Fox1

Josh Fox 2

Josh Fox 3

As you can see others are already taking him to task for his naïveté, and pointing out just how ridiculous the commentary is. In the past others have made similar arguments, Mohandas Gandhi once argued that he would use a similar tactic against Hitler and the Nazis if he could… however, even Gandhi was willing to agree that his method would mean much would have to be sacrificed and many would suffer. I’ll let others hammer Fox for his naive belief that a group of people who torture men, rape women, and butcher children can be “loved” into submission.

(Actually, as a quick side note – the Muslim World’s Christian population have nobly been trying to do this for hundreds of years. Every time another massacre occurs the Christian community is quick to respond with grace, forgiveness, and love… but still, even after hundreds of years of persecution, the Muslim terrorists continue to kill them. I don’t disagree with the local Christian communities attempts to live sacrificially, I am appalled at Fox’s decision to ignore that his methodology has been tried and has not worked.)

What does gall me about Fox’s commentary is that he seems wholly ignorant of the differences within our cultures. The people who populate terrorist organizations like ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Hamas, Hezbollah, and others, have all embraced a culture and a philosophy that worships death. Our Western Culture fixates and revolves around life, in all its stages and difficulties, but the Muslim extremist worldview has death at its core. So no, Love is NOT universal, at least not in the way that Fox seems to believe it is. Love is a construct of culture and different cultures express and understand love in different ways.

This ignorance that Fox displays is endemic within the liberal community. While they understand that different cultures value different things, when it comes to Islam they seem to have completely shut off their brains and chosen to ignore that these cultural differences exist. This willful ignorance poses an existential threat to our nation, our culture, and our world… we must find some way to wake these liberal fools before their ignorance kills us all.

Onan Coca

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