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Liberal Darlings at Saturday Night Live Accused of Bigotry

There is a deep, dark secret of the liberal left that has been hiding in plain sight for decades:  They rely on discrimination to win elections.

Yes, this sounds a bit counterintuitive to their Kumbaya charade of inclusion, but there is a very tactical reasoning for their bizarre outlook on diversity.

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You see, progressivism is not an easy ethos to subscribe to.  The left is, in essence, telling the world that it will never be good enough, and that the “best practices” that we’ve developed for certain situations must change…no matter the consequences.  It’s not easy to convince large swaths of the population that good enough isn’t actually good enough, so, instead of attempting to bowl over the nation as a whole, the left chooses instead to segregate the population into easily convinced, ultra-specific demographics.

If you said, “hey, that’s discrimination!”, you would be right.

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Look at former President Obama’s late-term obsession with transgendered Americans.  There was no uprising on the horizon.  There was no march on the Capitol to demand unisex bathrooms in public school.  Obama merely pushed for popularity among this fringe group within the LGBTQ community as a way to galvanize their support for the faltering democratic party.  All of that hope and rage from the transgender American contingent was created simply to help Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Now, as if we needed any more evidence that the left doesn’t actually care about the rights of certain Americans, we look to liberal television stalwart Saturday Night Live, who have remained on television thanks to their incessant lambasting of anyone not on the left.

“James Adomian is perhaps the greatest political impressionist working in comedy today. Just this week at South by Southwest, he performed as Bernie Sanders, Sebastian Gorka, Elon Musk, Alex Jones, Chris Matthews, and Ted Cruz (who he voices to hilarious effect on Our Cartoon President) at various shows around Austin.

“But Adomian, a regular presence on podcasts like Comedy Bang! Bang! and Chapo Trap House, has never been on Saturday Night Live. He doesn’t have his own late-night show. And there’s a good chance you’ve never even heard of him.

“The 38-year-old comedian has some ideas about why that might be. And it has a lot to do with being a still all-too-rare out gay male comedian.”

Wait, is Adomian suggesting that Saturday Night Live, the left’s pointiest barb in the entertainment industry, is not-so-secretly homophobic?

Yes.  That’s exactly what the successful comedian is saying.

“’It would be nice if they put a gay man on camera on that show,’ Adomian tells me over lattes in the lobby of his hotel in Austin. ‘I’ve been out of the closet the whole time since I auditioned 13 years ago. You would think that they would have tried to put someone else on that was a gay man. It’s about time.’

“Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that there hasn’t been an out gay male full-fledged cast member on SNL since Terry Sweeney became the first and only one more than 30 years ago. He only lasted one season, from 1985-1986, and has since been more or less lost to history. It was another 26 years before the show brought on its next out cast member, current star Kate McKinnon. In 2016, Chris Kelly became the first openly gay co-head writer (along with Sara Schneider) in SNL’s history, but they left to create a new show for Comedy Central the following year.”

So much for a thriving, diverse workplace.

The left talks a big game when it comes to equality, but there isn’t a whole lot of evidence to back up their claims.  The liberals in this situation are much like the out-of-touch music fan who wears the T-shrirt of the band that they’re going to see to the concert.  You want everyone to know that you’re cool, but, chances are, you’re just trying to look the part.


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