Liberal Conspiracy Theorists Say Trump is a Genius

How can Liberal conspiracy theorists claim massive voter fraud without admitting that they were entirely outsmarted by Donald Trump?

Joss Whedon is one of many celebrities and others who are now Liberal conspiracy theorists about the 2016 election.

The director of The Avengers also illustrates the ironic position that such people take. Here’s a tweet he posted:

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This was one of several such tweets, as documented at

Among many other problems, by pushing his current story, Whedon has to confess that Donald Trump completely outsmarted him. In fact, Liberal conspiracy theorists have to admit that this Trump/Putin cabal entirely outsmarted the Obama/Clinton team, including the entire news media. Not only did they pull something off that liberals declared was impossible, he did it in such a way to manipulate Liberals into mocking the possibility. Thus, after the conspiracy allegedly rigged the election, Liberal conspiracy theorists were forced to act like hypocrites.

According to this scenario:

  • Liberal politicians, government workers, and journalists (virtually all of them) are super stupid,
  • Donald Trump or his fellow villains are super sophisticated and smart,
  • Or both.

How many times did we hear, after the last debate, from Hillary Clinton or her surrogates (including the fake “journalists”) that Donald Trump was undermining and endangering democracy by saying he wouldn’t accept the election results if he believed they were fraudulent? According to the current Liberal conspiracy theorists, that was all part of Trump’s plan and he pulled it off easily.

If that were true, it would mean that the political/media establishment is not capable of defending democracy. They must be incompetent. How else could they be so bamboozled by a reality TV star and a country with the GDP of Italy?

In the meantime, no one has offered any evidence of voter fraud. There were anomalies reported on election day, but they were all in Hillary’s favor.

I am glad Joss Whedon now recognizes that Donald Trump is smarter than he and his heroes. But this is still a complicated conspiracy theory that only works if Trump and his Russian collaborators not only rig an election, but also set up the media and Hillary herself so that they play into his plan. As predictable as Democrats are, that is still hard to believe. There is a much simpler and more elegant theory available that does not require a complicated conspiracy: Donald Trump was simply more popular with voters in the various states than the Liberals could imagine.

So, the reason they appear to be hypocrites is that they are hypocrites. Period.

As Jay Caruso writes at,

Whenever conservatives attempt to implement policies to help combat voter fraud, the left immediately begins to freak out, claiming conservatives are engaging in “conspiracies” because “voter fraud doesn’t exist.”

Except when Democrats lose.

Pompous, arrogant hypocrites that they are, there is no way they can explain this defeat that does not humiliate them. They know that they have been exposed as fools.

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