Liberal Comedienne Loses Her Mind Over Trump Taxes at Rally


There is no shortage of liberal angst running amok in our country, with leftist seething at the successes of newly inaugurated President Donald Trump.

The Commander in Chief has been in office not quite 100 days as of yet, and the paltry and powerless left have resorted to a ridiculous cadre of celebrities to carry out a bevy of vitriolic attacks against him.  One of the more outspoken of the liberal naysayers is none other than raunchy comedienne Sarah Silverman, who just this weekend took the opportunity to bash the President once again, this time in a majorly hypocritical rant in front of a crowd of like-minded lunatics.

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“Sarah Silverman joined in the anti-Donald Trump ‘Tax March’ protest in New York City Saturday, where she demanded the president release his tax returns in a fiery speech.

“’Show us your f*cking taxes, you emotional child,’ the 46-year-old comedian and liberal addressed the president in comments delivered to the protesters.

 “’You like being a superficial bully? Here’s one for you: you are a three at best,’ Silverman added, apparently referring to Trump’s appearance.

“The comedian has previously compared Trump’s electoral victory to the Great Depression, and suggested in February that the military could help overthrow him.”

Silverman was far from the only “celebrity” in attendance at the anti-Trump event, but she was the only speaker to degrade herself to the ridiculous name-calling and unnecessarily foul language in her ironic quest to paint Trump as “childish”.  Again we see that the left is not only hypocritical in their politics, but in their everyday mannerisms, leading us to believe that the lost irony in Silverman’s speech was no joke, and simply an inborn personality trait of America’s leftists.

This particular anti-Trump event was just the latest in a series of liberal-commandeered actions against the sitting President, who many on the left believe should somehow be removed from office for all manner of trivial complaints similar to the refusal of Trump to release his financial history.

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