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Liberal Comedienne Launches Offensive Against First Amendment

The liberal war against free speech continues today as one risqué comedienne suggests that America should outlaw jokes about racism.

In the wake of President Trump’s successful 2016 candidacy, the left has increasingly attacked the value of freedom of speech in a roundabout offensive against those who wish to roll back our nation’s rampant political correctness; the latter of which has unnecessarily complicated politics for the better part of three decades.

When Donald Trump arrived on the political scene, it was extremely apparent that we were no longer dealing with a conventionally groomed politician.  Instead, we were witnessing a force of nature taking shape on the D.C. horizon, preparing to wash away the sins of the previous administration’s suffocating self-righteousness.  Trump was unafraid of telling it like it is, getting down to brass tacks, and any other cliche about truth that you wish to employ.

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In other words, Trump was ready to bring reality back to the Beltway.

In response to this dose of actuality, the left has been forced to revamp their campaign to stifle the First Amendment, hoping to take the wind out of the President’s sails at the expense of that most American of freedoms.

Leading that charge have been a number of celebrities and social justice warriors who decry the President’s every tweet and speech as something from the bowels of bigotry Hell.  Profane, drug fueled comedienne Chelsea Handler is no exception.  While the target of her latest tirade may not be the President directly, her most recent social media turbulence comes as she fights to restrict the First Amendment in a similar fashion to Germany.

“Not everyone thinks Chelsea Handler is funny.

“The comedian suggested in a recent tweet that there should be laws against ‘people who think racism is funny.’

“‘2 Chinese guys were arrested in Berlin for making nazi salutes,’ Handler tweeted Sunday. ‘Wouldn’t it be nice 2 have laws here for people who think racism is funny?'”

Almost hilariously, Handler used Twitter to deliver the message; the same platform that the President has used to circumvent his detractors in the mainstream media and to directly respond to those who wish him failure.

Handler, who has made a living by being a brash, bullish female with a propensity for drug and sex jokes, has been recently relegated to the realm of Netflix after a long stint on cable television…not unlike fellow Trump “resistance” member Billy Nye.


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