Liberal Comedian and Muslim Activist both say… “Trump is Right”!

A couple of unexpected voices of support recently defended GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump from his opponents on the left.

HBO’s Bill Maher is the host of a left-wing news/opinion comedy program called Real Time, and he hardly ever says a positive word about anyone to the Right of Hillary Clinton, but when it comes to Islam, Maher is a realist who disagrees with the PC culture on the left. While he doesn’t have much good to say about Donald Trump, over the weekend Maher found himself defending Trump’s recent comments that we should be “profiling” in an effort to stop terrorism.

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He is for profiling, that’s what he said. But he said we should do it the way Israel does. And, like, every once in while Donald Trump says something right. Because we profile already, we just do it stupidly. All police work is profiling. Discrimination does not mean prejudice; discrimination means telling un-like things apart…

What they do is they hire really smart people. This is not the TSA, which is just guys giggling at your balls when they’re looking — a screener. If we would pay people $100,000 to do this job, we could get the kind of people who do it in Israel.

And, again, we’re just talking about a few questions. We’re not talking about the rubber hose or sending you to a black site. I mean, I don’t think this is too much of a sacrifice to ask. 

It wasn’t just Bill Maher who was “forced” to defend Mr. Trump from his liberal detractors. Raheel Raza, an important female leader in the world Muslim community, recently wrote similar words about Trump, There, I said it:  Donald Trump is right…”

“Why is a female, practicing Muslim human rights activist like myself saying what many in Trump’s own party cannot bring themselves to say?

Because Trump is right. About certain things. Certain things about radical Islam, which I have been calling to the world’s attention for the past 20 years.

And I am not just saying this because like Trump, I too proposed “a moratorium on immigration from Muslim countries for a set period till matters here settle down.” A year before he did.

For two decades, through various organizations including the Clarion Project, I have warned about the threats of radical Islam: to women, children, innocent civilians, civilized society, and to the free speech rights of people who dare to speak up…”

There you have it, folks, a scion of the left and a Muslim woman both explaining why Donald Trump’s commentary about the war on terror isn’t just “not racist” — it’s right.


Onan Coca

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