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In Liberal Columbus Day Coup, Italian Americans Are Being Discriminated Against

As the liberal rage continues to boil in America, the targets of their vicious attacks on history continue to mutate and devolve.

Spurred on by the election of Donald J. Trump as President, the left side of the American political theater has rapidly radicalized into some strange, two-headed beast, with “social media” and “social justice” operating symbiotically while liberals attempt to disguise them as two separate entities.

By ascribing value to “social justice”, the radical left has built an army of selfie-taking, Facebook “like”-mongering cretins capable of decimating tradition and history with one fell swoop of their skittering thumbs.  As these pudgy digits continues to blur in the light of iPhone screens and MacBook keyboards, a vitriolic visage has emerged, revealing a horribly disfigured worldview that condones hate by mob rule.

You see, on the left, hate is ok so long as your are united in your hate.  The same goes for simple bigotry and discrimination as well.  Just look at the way liberal students at UC Berkeley have banded together to allow and reward prejudice against conservative speakers on campus.

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For further examples of this left-wing hate, we needn’t look much further than any number of incidents involving the notoriously violent and abhorrent Black Lives Matter terror group, or the anarchistic neo-Fascists of the ironically-named Antifa, who have both turned to incorrigible force to achieve their objectives – one of which is undoubtedly making sure that your online persona is seen participating in whatever trending political stunt is occurring within a few hours’ travel.

As the left was contemplating the lull between “actions”, they have been forced to dig deep into their own barnyard excrement reserves to find a new target, lest they wish to fall out of the media cycle.

That target is Christopher Columbus.

Columbus, an explorer who was widely credited with “discovering” America, was active on the global scene some six centuries ago when the world was a much, much different place.  Ignoring that reality, the radical left now believes that Columbus’ actions should be judged by modern, Californian standards of decency – an absurd proposal in its own right.  As such, the history revisionists are now calling for the complete eradication of all Columbus memorabilia in America, thoroughly negating whatever connection he may have had to the land on which we would eventually found the greatest nation the world has ever known.

Worse yet, however, is the left’s continuing insistence that only their opinion matters when it comes to the vilification of historical figures.  This has enraged Italian Americans, who have long looked up to Columbus for his death-defying exploratory feats.  Furthermore, a number of Columbus monuments that the left is attempting to destroy were erected in response to dark times in American history.

“There are many monuments to Franklin Roosevelt, and although he allowed Japanese-Americans and Italian-Americans to be interned during World War II, we as an ethnic group are not demanding that his statues be destroyed. Nor are we tearing down tributes to Theodore Roosevelt, who, in 1891, after 11 falsely accused Sicilian-Americans were murdered in the largest mass lynching in American history, wrote that he thought the event ‘a rather good thing.’

“It was in reaction to these tragic killings that the early Italian-American community in New York scraped together private donations to give the monument at Columbus Circle to their new city. So this statue now denigrated as a symbol of European conquest was from the beginning a testament to love of country from a community of immigrants struggling to find acceptance in their new, and sometimes hostile, home.”

In the face of widespread, anti-Columbus sentiment, one organization has taken a stand.

“We at the National Italian American Foundation strongly condemn the defacing of historical monuments and expect elected officials and law enforcement to protect our public memorials from further damage so that a true conversation on their place in modern society can be organized. We believe Christopher Columbus represents the values of discovery and risk that are at the heart of the American dream, and that it is our job as the community most closely associated with his legacy to be at the forefront of a sensitive and engaging path forward, toward a solution that considers all sides.

“American ingenuity is built on the continuous re-examination of technology, and today, we have the technology to build interactive monuments out of thoughts and not just of stones. We believe our foundation, and the Italian Americans community, can lead the effort to reimagine America’s monuments and memorials in a new light, and tell our story, the American story, in innovative and thoughtful ways. If we can do that, perhaps the legacy we leave will be one that doesn’t face any controversy among future generations.”

We must always remember that bigotry is able to hide within the self-aggrandizing fog of “social justice”, particularly when that so-called justice is being invented by only one side of the political spectrum.

America is a land of ideas, liberty, and acceptance.  It always has been, and, God willing, it always will be.  By condemning Christopher Columbus, and the Italian Americans who revered him, the left is no better than the bigots that they claim to be “fighting”.


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