This Liberal College Now Teaching Freshmen that ALL White People are Racist!

Times have sure changed. When I arrived at my freshman dorm over 40 years ago there were posters all over the place; advertisements for clubs to join, dorm parties, don’t do drugs, the dangers of STDs, etc, But as Campus Reform is reporting:

New students at Pomona College were welcomed to campus with posters in their dorms giving instructions on “How to be a (Better) White Ally” and stating that all white people are racist.

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Here we go again! Hillary Clinton’s liberal supporters complain that as a Jew I control American foreign policies, Muslim apologists call me a Xenophobe, my non-observant family call me a religious zealot, my wife says I don’t take out the garbage because of laziness, and now I am a racist on top of it--gee whiz!

The posters claim white people should “acknowledge your privilege” and “apologize if you’ve offended someone,” adding that offensive language includes words like “sassy” and “riot,” which are “racially coded.”

Oh wow–it must be true!  Because in honor of Gene Wilder, I watched “Blazing Saddles” for the 97th time over the weekend. When my son asked me if I still enjoyed it, I told him it was a laugh riot. I didn’t know it was a word of privilege. Heck just a few weeks ago I wrote about Al Sharpton and the anniversary of the Crown Heights riot er...pogrom.  Gee I not only used the word, but used it to refer to a riot…er incident involving an African American. Even though Sharpton incited other Black people to commit violence by telling a crowd to “kill the Jews, two times, and then leading a charge across the street to Utica,” I now realize the error of my ways I was a closet racist (bull sh*t).

The poster went on…


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