Liberal CNN Pundit Admits Trump is “Driving Liberals Crazy”

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CNN’s Van Jones is as liberal as they come. He’s long been associated with radical socialism and he was even run out of the Obama administration because of his far-left associations, but recently he’s been saying things that are upsetting liberals and making conservatives gleeful. Just a couple of weeks ago he praised President Trump’s speech to the Joint Session of Congress, arguing that during that speech he connected with the American people and truly became the President of our nation. Now, he’s cutting to the core of the current media maelstrom around the Trump White House and explaining to liberals why it is that the country doesn’t seem to care about the President’s Tweets.

When Trump breaks the rules, we start fanning ourselves and fainting and freaking out and handing out all of these protocol violations. And for his supporters, his appeal has nothing to do with protocol. It has everything to do, though, with pride and prosperity.

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He’s saying, I want you to be proud of the country and have a job. So liberals seem to only see, like the crazy tweets. And we act like that’s all he’s doing. But his supporters actually ignore those tweets. You want to know the tweets they cherish? The one where he’s taking credit for the stock market that’s rising and their 401(k)s doing better and the jobs he so-called saved. If progressives want to understand Trump supporters, those are the tweets we need to be paying attention to.”

I think he’s driving liberals insane. I mean that. I think he is. I think he is. And I’m seeing more — I’m seeing liberals and progressives now so mad and distracted and depressed, I’m like, I don’t really want y’all to be in charge either. So it’s — Am I wrong?

I don’t often get the chance to say something like this but… Van Jones is right. I disagree with his tone about the things Trump takes credit for, but I agree with his basic point that most of America is paying attention to what is actually HAPPENING, not what “crazy” thing Trump might be tweeting about the media or Obama.

Where Jones goes wrong is that he doesn’t seem to agree that President Trump is responsible for the rising stock market, or for the spike in hiring, or the rapid improvement of the economy. While Trump’s policies haven’t directly affected those things yet, it’s the possibility that his policies will be enacted that has driven this economic renaissance. Under President Obama the economy was stifled not only by liberal policies but also by the possibility that Obama would enact further liberal policies that would drive up the cost of doing business and send those businesses out of business forever. However, with President Trump in office the market and business owners have all relaxed taken a deep breath and feel confident moving forward… and Donald Trump is indeed the reason for their change in behavior. So yes, Trump deserves the credit for the stock market spike, for the sudden surge in new jobs, and for an economy that is improving by leaps and bounds every day.

Instead of condescendingly dismissing the President’s contributions, Jones should just say “Thank you, Mr. Trump.” It’s the polite thing to do.


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