Kanye West

Liberal Celebs Suffer Meltdown Thanks to Kan-Servative Kanye

What a glorious day it is when we can wake up, check Twitter, and witness one of the most insane liberal breakdowns in modern history occurring before our very eyes.

Here’s the story so far:  Back in 2016, after Donald Trump wholly humiliated Hillary Clinton during the presidential election, American conservatives were given a shot in the arm.  We mustn’t forget the oppressive discrimination being hurled at republicans and American traditionalists over the course of the 8 years of Obama’s rule, not to mention the massive offensive that was undertaken by a plethora of progressive posses during the election itself.

Donald Trump was merely a lightning rod for this radicalized vitriol, not the cause.

Now, another man has stepped up to proudly display his common sense, conservative leanings, and the left feels betrayed.  You see, the man in question is Kanye West, a hip hop artist that the left has long claimed as their own, and he absolutely went off over the last few days, tweeting his admiration for his “brother” Donald Trump.

He even went so far as to retweet a photo, (not a screenshot, for some reason), of the President’s praise of himself.

Now, predictably, the left has something to say about their once-prodigal son…and these 5 reactions are incredibly disturbing.

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