Liberal #Brexit Warnings All Wrong, British Prospects Looking Up!

The British liberal naysayers warned us about the Brexit consequences.

Truthfully, what they are really concerned about is the Brexit consequences have had on their socialist utopia. Brexit has issued socialism a pink slip. Consequently, big government socialism, your services are no longer needed. The British Establishment did everything in their power to stop Brexit. Therefore, they failed miserably.

In the month before Brexit, airline reservations to Britain were down compared to the previous year, the Guardian reported. After the Brexit vote, they jumped 4.3 percent — and wealthier tourists bought more jewelry and watches.

Other parts of the economy haven’t suffered, either. Consumer confidence and domestic spending are both up. “Retail sales smashed expectations in August,” the Daily Mail noted on Friday. Manufacturing and home-sales reports are well and good.

Brexit consequences are hard to stop.

Once the lid is off you can’t stop capitalism. Capitalism becomes contagious. People gravitate towards growth and opportunity.  It’s a yearning in the human spirit to be free. Economic freedom is built into the human spirit. Once the free market is unleashed it is hard to stop it. Even hardened liberals recognize this. They too want jobs. Liberals desire economic growth.  They won’t ever admit it.  They truly do crave it like everyone else.

Liberals are notorious for endless propaganda. The dire warnings of Brexit consequences were hot and heavy coming from the left.

Liberals try to bend as many numbers and figures to support their false propaganda.  The funny thing about capitalism unleashed is that it speaks for itself. You don’t have to endlessly try to refute every minute point from the left. A rising tide truly lifts all boats. The best example in America is obviously the Reagan Revolution. When Reagan’s policies were implemented, the Democrats propaganda couldn’t stop it. The Republican establishment at the time could no longer trash Reagan. Establishment Republicans ended up embracing Reagan. Consequently, the Republican Establishment were scared to death of the people. In addition, the GOP Establishment realized their goose was cooked if they didn’t stand with Reagan.  We are seeing the same dynamic play out with Brexit consequences. Results from Brexit have shaken the socialist oligarchy in Europe to the core. They are finally waking up that the European Union is poison.  If they want to survive, they better embrace the Brexit consequences.

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