Liberal Berkeley To Host Second Pro-Trump Rally


California is not exactly known for their levelheaded, all-inclusive political wrangling.  In fact, they’re very nearly liberal fascists.

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The state, who just this year has begun floating the idea of secession from the United States, has always been a stronghold for liberals and progressives.  Everything done at the state government level has been aimed at progressing the agenda of the left.

This pervasive attitude has led, inevitably, to violence within the state.  Of particular note were a pair of incidents involving the ultra-liberal University of California at Berkeley student populations and their hatred for free speech.  Twice now, UC Berkeley has been forced to cancel appearances from conservative figureheads on campus.  The first incident, in which Milo Yiannopolous was scheduled to speak, saw the campus erupt in flames as liberal student “protesters” spent a night tearing their own institution apart.  Then, weeks later when Ann Coulter was scheduled to speak, fear of another liberal fascist riot caused her appearance to be canned before students had a chance to organize their brand of violence.

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Now, in yet another case of leftist overreaction, a pro-Trump rally in the city of Berkeley has the politically naive running for the hills…and they’re taking their farmer’s market with them.

“The Berkeley farmers’ market that has been open for business every Saturday for 30 years, save the time gale-force winds shut it down, will close this weekend as organizers fear the fallout from a second rally in as many months supporting President Trump in the liberal East Bay city.

“The Ecology Center Farmers’ Market next to Civic Center Park decided earlier this week to shutter itself Saturday because of concerns of more violence from the “free speech rally” set to start at noon in Civic Center Park, said Martin Bourque, the executive director.”

This will be the second pro-Trump rally to occur in Berkeley in recent months.  The first ended regrettably in violence, as counter demonstrators of the leftist variety took to the streets to antagonize those there to support the President.

“Rich Black, an organizer of the rally with the Liberty Revival Alliance, did not return a request for comment. On the event’s Facebook page, a number of people blamed “leftist thugs” for inciting violence last time. Several posters said they planned to come from as far away as Los Angeles, referencing ‘Southern California MAGA.’

“In a YouTube video, another member of the Liberty Revival Alliance said “we understand that (counterdemonstrators) will use violence against us,” adding that demonstrators will ‘defend ourselves in a lawful manner.’”

Incidents of violence against conservatives have been on the rise in recent weeks, as Donald Trump gets settled into his presidency.  The left in America are unable to cope with their perceived plight, lashing out at anyone they believe is responsible for the embarrassing loss of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign, often turning to violence to ensure that their efforts will make it to the evening news.


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