Liberal Actress Ashley Judd Now Insulting Rape Victims

Ashley Judd is a beautiful, talented actress who made news recently when she made some very poor decisions in public.

Judd participated in the Women’s March on Washington that coincided with President Trump’s Inauguration Day. Judd took to the microphone and recited a profanity-laden poem written by a 19-year-old Columbia University student titled “Nasty Woman.” Judd took a lot of heat after reading the poem. One letter to the editor put it like this:

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I can’t express the outrage and disgust I feel for Ashley Judd. The language in the so-called poem she recited at the Women’s March was shameful. To insinuate that our new president has an incestuous relationship with his daughter is despicable, and Judd should apologize.

Judd fought back against the criticism the following evening at an after-party that raised funds for Planned Parenthood. Judd compared the election of President Trump to being “re-raped” in a related interview with the Huffington Post:

I’m a rape survivor and a survivor of incest and I lived alone for two years as a child in two different states.

The fact that there were adult men in my family who failed to protect me as a child [and] voted for him was really re-traumatizing.


An online news website interviewed several women who were victims of similar crimes. They weren’t impressed with Judd’s remarks. A woman named Tara, for example, said this…

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