Liberal Actress Announces That She’d Like to FIGHT Dr. Ben Carson


The United States is under attack by mouthy, un-American liberals who are increasingly turning to violence to get their point across.

Good, old fashioned debate is dying a slow death in these United States, as leftist talking heads and celebrities continue to spew forth their asinine drivel, meant to delegitimize not only the President, but the entire conservative population of the nation.  Now, one outspoken actress is taking her angry vitriol to an entirely new level, telling the world that she would like to have a fist fight with Dr. Ben Carson.

The tweet, which we have edited due to strong language, reads as such:

“I want to fight Ben Carson!! Cash me outside m********a! How bout dat!!  F***FACE!!”

Not only is Jones threatening physical harm on a member of President Trump’s inner circle, she is also playing on the words of a 13-year delinquent whose appearance on the Dr. Phil television program has bequeathed her an enormous online following.

Leslie Jones’ tweet is much more than just a ridiculous and unrealistic statement by a Hollywood celebrity; it is a sad indication of how far to the left this country has gone.  As liberals continue to act out in all manner of unbelievable ways, the mainstream media is ignoring their duty to chastise these hoodlums.  American children are learning now, in this day of modern, progressive totalitarianism, that violent vitriol should be broadcast as loudly and as widely as possible.

Don’t get me wrong.  The freedom of speech is quite possibly the most important right bestowed on human beings in the history of civilization, but what the left is missing is the civility needed to participate meaningfully in the national conversation.

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