Lib Vandalizes Conservative’s Car, Hits Him With HER Car Before Fleeing Scene

For a political group that likes to tout their “tolerance” for all people, the liberals sure do have a funny way of showing it.

At the center of a heated debate around the nation, and particularly in the Southeast, is the battle flag of the Confederacy, colloquially known as the “stars and bars”.  The iconic symbol was flown in in battle during the American civil war by the Confederacy, as they fought the Union over the expansion of states’ rights as the country moved westward.  In the ensuing decades, however, bitter hatred for the south fueled biased education of the subject in schools north of the Mason Dixon line, where young men and women were taught that the south, filled by conservatives, loved slavery above all, and needed to be quashed.

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This asinine academic alteration has fueled a continued friction between democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives, northerners and southerners for over 150 years.  Of course, the battle flag of the Confederacy has become part and parcel to the contest once again, as it continues to be incorrectly linked to racism and slavery.

Now, that taught hatred of the liberal left has caused one woman to run amok in South Carolina, exiting her vehicle to tear a Confederate decorative license plate from a stranger’s car.

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“According to a release from Charleston police, 43-year-old Lee Ann Walters is charged with vandalism and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries.

 “They said Walters stopped her car at Murray Boulevard and East Battery around 11 a.m. Saturday. They said she removed a “Confederate tag” off the front of the victim’s pick-up by tearing it off.

“They said she then backed into the truck’s owner as he was trying to get her license plate number.”

Luckily, by using that license plate number, Walters was able to be located at her home and now faces charges in the vandalism and assault.

The Ornate use of the Confederate battle flag has been popularized in modern car culture for decades, from the roof of the Duke Boy’s General Lee, to the front plate on the BAN-ONE piloted by Burt Reynolds in Smokey and The Bandit.  This recent renewal of the hatred between liberals and conservatives, which has caused this spike in violence, has been fostered within the last several years as vitriol in the mainstream media continues its path to madness.  While everyone in country wanted the Stars and Bars adorning their cars in the 80’s, now the left wants no one to have it.

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