Lib Racism Goes Mainstream With Buzzfeed’s White Culture Containment

Somehow, the liberal left can’t seem to understand one of the constants of racism, in that all racism is racism.

For years, these walking leftist guilt-trips have considered themselves lowly excuses for human beings, exalting everyone and anyone other than themselves.   The bleeding heart liberals of the past have turned into virtue signaling millennial companions for whichever cultural trend is hip in society.

“Oh, my latino friend says…”

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“When I went to high school, there were a ton of black kids.”

“I wish that I really got what’s so funny about Tyler Perry.”

These are the folks that can’t be bothered with individuality, and the currency of character.  Instead, your ethnicity has become an asset to them; an accessory for their Instagram and Facebook pages.  It’s simply flair, but instead of tacky buttons on your table-waiting apron, it’s a diverse friends list.

And to market to these misguided children, companies such as Buzzfeed perpetuate the racial divide by posting articles such as37 Things White People Need to Stop Ruining in 2018″.

“On Thursday, BuzzFeed celebrated the end of 2017 with a piece dedicated to ripping white Americans. The piece, titled, ’37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018,’ contained a full list of horribles for which white people are supposedly responsible. The list included macaroni and cheese (somebody on Food Network put Dijon Mustard in the mix), protests (thanks, Kendall Jenner), and, of course, the United States of America. Why America? Because white Americans voted 58% for Trump compared to 37% to Hillary Clinton.

“The author didn’t stop there — apparently white Americans ruined the Oscars, even though they voted for gay black love story Moonlight for Best Picture; the Grammys, even though no white men were nominated for album of the year for 2018; and childhoods (a video of an old lady asking young black kids for a business license).

You cannot end racism by simply promoting integration.  We must flip our perspective and work on annihilating these divisions instead.
Unfortunately, companies such as Buzzfeed and CNN are making a whole lot of money by playing to the white guilt of the younger generations, and, in doing so, are perpetuating racism in general.  They are making the differences between people matter, and that is exactly why we must disavow their divisive beliefs.

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