Lib Meltdown on SCOTUS Hits Treacherous New Heights: DICTATORSHIP?

Hollywood, the mainstream media, and the liberal democrats are all reeling today after President Trump announced that Brett Kavanaugh would be his choice for the vacant Supreme Court seat become available due to the retirement of Justice Kennedy.

Of course, the left would be reeling no matter who President Trump chose.  The President could come out and appoint Barack Obama to the high court and the left would still find some reason to protest and “resist”.

Remember folks, they have no idea what they are resisting, which makes it awfully difficult to know when to stop.  In many ways, it feels like the left won’t stop until they go back in time and change the results of the 2016, or until they elect the corpse of Hillary Clinton in 2020, or 2024, or…who truly knows the depths to which they are willing to sink on this foolhardy quest?

So, with Brett Kavanaugh, the left has again thrown their hands into the air with the rage of 1,000 vegans trying to navigate the menu at Arby’s.  They’re practically shouting in the streets…which is nothing new for them.

Liberals shouting
Ahh, this old chestnut.
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The scary part, however, is that the left has allowed themselves no room to really feel out this newfound rage.  You see, they’ve already cried wolf so many times that they have nowhere to go, rhetoric-wise.  They’ve already used pretty much every insult they could use, and then some, to describe this President.  They even attempted to go nuclear by attempting to smear Donald Trump as a racist, immigrant hating, sexist.

Of course, that first assertions is patently absurd, he’s married two immigrants, and the most prominent members of his staff are all women.

So, what’s left for an angry progressive protestor to claim?  Why that Trump is now a dictator, of course!

No.  Just no.  Using the process created by the greatest nation in the world, not to mention the originators of all things freedom, is literally the opposite of a dictatorship.

Michael Moore even went so far as to drum up some wild conspiracy fodder in order to stay relevant with today’s radical left:

Actor John Leguizamo smelled exactly what Moore was stepping in as well, lending his own weight to the absurd insinuation.

Throughout all of this, We The People must always remember that those who would have us forsake the laws and constructs of our nation’s forefathers are no more American than the foreign entity who looks to conquer us.  Our Constitution must stand strong above all of this hyperbolic pressure.


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