Cardinal Robert Sarah

Comments Made at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast Will Make the LGBT Crowd LIVID

Cardinal Robert Sarah. Photo by François-Régis Salefran, Wikimedia Commons

God is being “eroded, eclipsed, liquidated” in the United States, thanks to social trends that seek to destroy faith and the family, such as a “demonic ‘gender ideology,'” Cardinal Robert Sarah told attendees at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast earlier this week.

These are “portentous times” for the country, church and world, said Sarah, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship.

Cardinal Sarah spoke about a range of topics, including the martyrdom of more than a million Christians worldwide since the turn of the century. But, he pointed out, the war against Christians includes not just physical violence but spiritual violence, aided by politicians and other public figures who try to force acceptance of homosexual marriage and other issues that contradict church teachings.

“By this violence,” Sarah said, “political leaders, lobby groups and mass media seek to neutralize and depersonalize the conscience of Christians so as to dissolve them in a fluid society without religion and without God.  This is the will of the Evil One: to close Heaven … out of envy.”

The Guinean cardinal continued:

“Do we not see signs of this insidious war in this great nation of the United States? In the name of ‘tolerance,’ the Church’s teachings on marriage, sexuality and the human person are dismantled. The legalization of same-sex marriage, the obligation to accept contraception within health care programs, and even ‘bathroom bills’ that allow men to use the women’s restrooms and locker rooms. Should not a biological man use the men’s restroom? How simpler can that concept be?”

Sarah said that the faithful are facing a battle against a “sickness” that attempts to prevent people from living out their faith and force them to keep it a private matter. He quoted Pope Francis on the issue:

“Religious liberty is not only that of thought or private worship. It is freedom to live according to ethical principles consequent upon the truth found, be it privately or publicly. This is a great challenge in the globalized world, where weak thought – which is like a sickness – also lowers the general ethical level, and in the name of a false concept of tolerance ends up by persecuting those who defend the truth about man and the ethical consequences.”

Sarah encouraged those attending the prayer breakfast to be strong and to combat evil in the world.

“Be prophetic. Be faithful. And, above all, pray,” he said. “These three suggestions make present that the battle for the soul of America, and the soul of the world, is primarily spiritual. They show that the battle is fought firstly with our own conversion to God’s will every day.”


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