LGBT Rights will Destroy this Child and Others like Him

Time magazine came out with one of the most disturbing stories about LGBT rights.

LGBT rights have made a very disturbing and wicked turn in the American culture. Time magazine puts out this disturbing photo and story of a tranny breastfeeding her child. A bearded woman who believes she’s a man who now has a baby. Besides this photo being stomach turning, it’s downright evil.

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Time magazine throws this in the face of traditional America and forces us to accept the abomination of what LGBT rights brings us. The article is from this woman’s brother who let’s us know how wonderful it is that her “brother” according to him gave birth. 

I’d have no reason to tell you about this moment in my brother’s life were it not for the fact of his gender. Now that gay marriage is legal, the social battleground has shifted to new frontiers, frontiers that include the most private aspects of people’s lives. Transgender Americans have gained greater visibility and acceptance as stars like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox have trained a pop-culture spotlight on trans issues. Corporate leaders across the Fortune 500 have moved to protect their transgender employees. And in May, the Obama Administration declared that all public schools must treat students equally regardless of their gender identity, classifying inner feelings of maleness and femaleness as protected by the government. We have come to the point where the President of the United States can candidly and comfortably discuss gender fluidity.

God help us all and come quickly Lord Jesus.  In addition, we must save these children from these sick people. Consequently,  we are a nation that deserves divine judgement.

The child of this woman is going to be the victim of LGBT rights.

The child of this woman is going to grow up confused. Trans-gendered people are mentally ill.  They need treatment. Children growing up under these circumstances are most likely to commit suicide. The stats on trans-gendered suicide  are staggering. 

Studies indicate that two-thirds of transgenders suffer from multiple disorders at the same time, or comorbidity. The top three disorders evidenced in transgenders are depression (33 percent), specific phobia (20 percent) and adjustment disorder (15 percent). A child who states a desire to identify as the opposite sex has a two-thirds chance of having a co-existing disorder.

Without effective psychiatric intervention or sound psychotherapy for the underlying depression, the risk of suicide will remain high.

Let’s look at the one at the top of the list: depression. Depression is a leading cause of suicide. A survey of over 6,000 transgenders revealed that 41 percent reported having attempted suicide at some time in their lives. Without effective psychiatric intervention or sound psychotherapy for the underlying depression, the risk of suicide will remain high. As a parent, it is important to look for depression and treat it if it is present.


The effect LGBT rights have on children are largely ignored by elected Republicans.

The media has convinced Republicans that the LGBT rights is powerful. The only power they have is what’s been given them. Consequently, when LGBT rights are not challenged, they dominate and increase in power and control. We must force elected officials to ignore the Supreme Court. Due to largely ignoring this wickedness, the church has become ineffective on this issue. Rather than preaching on the sin of LGBT rights, the church has become timid. In addition, it’s high time as Evangelicals we start preaching the truth about where this destructive lifestyle leads.  As a result of being silent, Evangelicals are in danger of being legally put out of business. Either we fight this or we cease to exist.

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