LGBT Activists Push to BAN Feminist For “Wrong” Transgender Views

It has gotten scary to see the Left’s fast descent into totalitarian views over the last several years. And it is like a living history lesson. We now can observe and chronicle the steps that took such movements of socialist and humanist ideologies from supposed champions of liberty to those who silence their opposition.

This happens for two very real reasons. The first is that these humanist groups deny or suppress the truth in unrighteousness. They have to live outside of or in opposition to the created order. In doing this, they have to control and suppress arguments. If they do not, they cannot win.

Truth always wins if left to be thoroughly and logically expressed. This is the way in which our Creator created the world. And this is why all socialistic and humanistic world-views degenerate into name calling and bullying.

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The second reason that these views degenerate into totalitarian policies is that when we place mankind or humanity as the center of all things, we must force people to live out falsehood to support this false worldview. Because they are taught that man is the end of all things, then his desire, whatever that desire might be, has to be good and accepted by everyone else.

This is the reason that they are more than willing to dogpile their own. And this is what is happening in the case of Julie Bindel.

Heat Street reports

A group of online campaigners are trying to ban a prominent lesbian writer from discussing her past at an LGBT History event.

Hundreds of disgruntled users posted messages trying to pressure the venue hosting Julie Bindel – a British journalist and longtime feminist activist – to drop her.

The crowd – feminists as well – object to Bindel because she has written in the past that men who change gender should not be considered women. (“You can’t just identify yourself into being a woman”, she told Heat Street yesterday.)

Now, because Bindel has stated that men are not women because they say they feel like a woman, makes her the enemy. They do not care that she has no intention to speak on transgender issues. They do not want her to speak at all.

This proves that the more power the humanist has, the less freedom we can expect to have.

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