A Letter From a Ted Cruz Supporter to a #NeverTrump Conservative

To my fellow Conservative Christian Constitutionalist:

For the sake of this letter to you, I’m going to assume, as you often insist, that Donald Trump is not a true conservative nor a genuine Christian.

I’m sorry that “our guy,” Ted Cruz, won’t be President. But pining over him, mocking Donald Trump as if he is the worst option or even certainly as bad as the worst option, and advocating the Republican nomination be taken from him, is simply a delusional, suicidal temper tantrum.

I’m not saying you have to vote for him. Your individual vote, as a decision maker, is statistically meaningless. So is mine. But God is going to give us a new president in November (unless he plans something worse for us). And he has narrowed down the possibilities to two.

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It is amazing to me that people, who read stories about Jesus eating and drinking with sinners, act like they are too holy for Trump. Don’t tell me that is not what is going on. I read you carefully. It is.

We are not getting a Christian champion. Get over it. Let’s stipulate that we are getting some sort of secular pagan. The only question is: Will he be our deliverance from the other pagan?

So stop acting like the world is ending lest you bring that closer.

If the conservative movement is still alive, that means it survived eight years of the Bush Presidency. In that case, it can certainly survive a Trump Presidency.

Time out of mind I have criticized Republicans (and Dems) for demanding the removal of Bashar al-Assad and backing “freedom fighters” (mostly foreign Jihadist mercenaries) and starting a fake civil war. These psychopaths created ISIS. Do I think Assad is an ideal ruler? No. Are the Christians in Assad-controlled Syria guilty of some sin when they pray for Assad to remain in power and protect them from U.S.-supported terrorists? Of course not. Then what is wrong with wanting President Trump to deliver us from President Clinton? Get a grip!

Yes, Trump seems immoral and selfish. We all know that. Naturally he attracts Christian flatterers. Flattery is endemic to the democratic process (including Cruz!). Idiot flatterers like Falwell don’t give you permission to be an idiot yourself. Just because you can’t sing Trump’s praises doesn’t mean you should assume he and Clinton are equally bad. You’re fooling yourself for the sake of the self-righteous rush we all get when we tear apart candidates. In this case, it endangers the nation.

Face reality. There are two pagans. One is going to rule you. Which should you pray to win? (Again, your individual vote is meaningless. If it will give you cooties to vote for Trump, then keep your hands pure and undefiled, if you want to. I just want you to stop helping campaign for Hillary Clinton.)


Oh yeah, Cruz told us we should have a president who doesn’t embarrass us with crude language—for the children. How much does that matter to you given the options? I can’t say because I don’t relate to the concern. I want nothing more than a future generation of Christians who understand that the President, especially as he now operates, is the name we give to the boss of the largest organized crime syndicate on the planet. Having a President who makes us teach our children not to follow his examples is a net gain to me.

So I don’t care if Trump were to never act “presidential.” People want a candidate to act “presidential” to hide the fact that the office has degraded into an executive tyranny. Barack Obama acts “presidential” all the time. No one should care about that.

People actually tell me that Donald Trump is just as corrupt as Hillary. The evidence never substantiated such a claim, and recently massive evidence of the opposite was reported. Ted Cruz argued during the primary that Donald Trump embodied the corrupt establishment. Then why aren’t members of that corrupt establishment supporting him now? Every indication is that they are financing Hillary and opposing Trump.


I’ve even had people tell me that Donald Trump is “every bit” as immoral as Bill Clinton. How can you claim to be a Christian and say such lies? There is no comparison between Trump and Clinton on that issue.

It almost seems that some Christians believe, because they are sure that Trump has not lived up to their moral standards, it is ethical to exaggerate his negatives. It’s as if Jesus doesn’t mind us gossiping about pagans.

Trump has made promises about judicial appointments, abolishing Obamacare, and many other things that are conservative and the very opposite of what Hillary promises. Speculation that he will break some of those promises does not outweigh the promises we know Hillary will keep. One of the two candidates is going to determine the ideological bent of the Supreme Court. You have two possibilities. Which do you want to become a reality?

I am praying Donald Trump protects us from Hillary. You should too.

And if you are acknowledging that Trump may be God’s plan to show the nation mercy and defeat Hillary, you might also find you want to express your prayer by voting as well. I’m going to. You can’t get cooties from voting for the better candidate and against the worse one.

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