A Letter to Comrade Stalin About the Battle Over Transgender Bathrooms

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My Dearest Stalina,

I just couldn’t wait to share with you the good news. I’ll just quote it to you from one of those whimpering Catholic news services:

“The Justice Department filed a lawsuit today stating that North Carolina has violated federal civil rights laws by overturning ordinances mandating that transgender people can use the restroom and shower facilities of the opposite biological sex.”

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Obama really jammed them up, don’t you think? After all, who can fight the Fed? Obama will just bleed North Carolina (NC) to death with legal costs. (I don’t even want to pronounce the name of that horrid state.) After the people realize that they stand to lose billions of dollars, they will hang their governor and put terror into any other state that attempts to resist us.

I just love what our dear Loretta dumped on them:

“Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the federal case at a press conference late this afternoon, likening laws that bar biological males from using female showers to Jim Crow laws and segregation measures that forced blacks to use separate drinking fountains.”

I just love her strategy—likening the transgendered using women’s bathrooms to blacks not using white facilities. But that’s not the best of it. She rubbed NC’s face in the mud:

“It was not so very long ago that states, including North Carolina, had signs above restaurants, water fountains, and public accommodations, keeping people out,” she said.

Do you get the brilliance of this stroke! We can shame anyone into silence who had ever had a bad civil rights record. Once wrong, always wrong! Loretta is telling them that they have no right to speak. They are damned, and, you know the public – they are merely pawns of the media, and we want to keep them that way. And now that the universities, Hollywood, and the mainstream media are all on our side, the enemy is running scared, even the Republican Congress!

Okay, I admit that her reasoning can also be used against us. We too, had been wrong, and could also be silenced. But– with all the power elites in our hands, it really doesn’t matter! We are now in the position to get away with almost any manipulation. (I won’t say “lie,” because, well, what is a lie anyway?)

I also love the feigned moral indignation of Vanita’s message:

“Vanita Gupta, head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division, agreed the lawsuit is about principles of the highest order: ‘I want to make one thing clear,’ Gupta said. ‘Calling H.B. 2 a ‘bathroom bill’ trivializes what this is all about.’”

Of course, it’s trivial. We’re only talking about far less than 1 PERCENT of the population, but that’s not even the point. It’s not the point of discrimination against the transgendered. Let me speak honestly with you, even though honesty is something I find little use for, unless to use it to candy-coat a whopper.

Just think of it. It is totally not about discrimination against the transgendered. If it was, the transgendered male-to-female would never want to enter a ladies room. TALK ABOUT DISCRIMINATION! That’s where “she’d” experience discrimination to the max. I’m talking big-time now. Yup! Understandably, “she” always felt more at home in the men’s room. Think of what “she” could see there! And perhaps even make some contacts!

No! As usual, it’s all about politics and steamrolling the public with our sexual agenda to normalize all forms of sex. And, our “bathroom bill” takes our strategy to the next level. It tells females that they have no right to their modesty, privacy, and even their sexual taboos. It’s about normalizing any form of sexuality, from children to the near comatose. It’s about making sex as normal as defecating or eating a MacBurger.

I know what you are thinking, Dearest. You are thinking of our ultimate agenda, the quintessence of our godless merry-making –- to entirely discredit the Christian faith and to rid ourselves of all of the infection of its shame and guilt for the things we do.

Let’s admit it, this is our ultimate dream, and it has worked so well. We have succeeded in winning over an entire generation with more to come. How? For one thing, they not only no longer feel comfortable in church, they even feel judged by the church and Christians. How have we done this? Well, we not only made sex seem normal for everyone, but we have also made anyone who resisted opening themselves up to feel like a narrow, closed-minded prude. However, once they enjoy some forbidden fruit and feel guilty about it, they project their guilt upon the church and feel judged by them. So they too begin to conclude that the church is old-fashioned, repressive, and against having a good time.

We’ve also made a virtue out of “exploring sexuality.” Of course, if they didn’t thoroughly enjoy it at first, we’ve convinced them that the fault was with them, and that they needed therapy to recover from their repressive past. And I’m so thrilled that psychotherapists are thoroughly client-centered. They are also committed to the self-centered idea that immediate enjoyment – they call it “self-fulfillment” or “self-actualization – is what life is all about. However, for now, even the churches are falling behind our manipulations. So why interfere with a good thing. So be patient, my Dearest.

Of course, we can heartily embrace that idea, Dearest Stalina! Okay, we’re imposing our own religion on them, our own view of the meaning of life, but it’s all good. Remember, liberation sometimes calls for deception and propaganda.

Just remember that Christianity is the foe, even if we can’t be open about our agenda. It’s easier to win them over with honey than with a whip. But, rest assured, we’ll pull out the whip in due time.


Your Brother/non-brother/sister and gender-fluid friend,



Daniel Mann

Daniel Mann has taught theology, Old Testament, and Apologetics at the New York School of the Bible for 24 years and has written several books, including Embracing the Darkness: How a Jewish, Sixties, Berkeley Radical Learned to Live with Depression, God’s Way. He is a contributing writer for the Christian Research Journal. Follow him: MannsWord.blogspot.com, or join his Facebook groups, Apologetics for Today, Seekers with Questions about Christianity, Christians with Vexing Issues Seeking Truth and Straight Talk.

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