This is No Longer Politics, it’s War!

I’ve been realizing more and more lately just how tired I am of debating politics with people because it no longer feels like politics. I feel like I can effectively argue or debate on any issue pertaining to government. I can point out the endless hypocrisy of the political elite. We can write all about the short comings of government until we’re blue in the face, but the damn thing keeps growing and growing and growing. I can take on an allegation raised by a liberal and provide for them endless links and arguments that completely dismantle their logic and debunk their so called facts, but they’re not persuaded. They come right back at me with their own tired arguments and lies, eventually devolving into snarky accusations of racism and ignorance. I would laugh it off and say ‘oh well, that’s politics’, but it it’s not just politics. The winners of these arguments win elections, and their party controls the most powerful, most well-funded, and seemingly most corrupt government on the face of the earth. That government has the power to destroy people’s lives by way of tyranny, and they do it every day. Let’s not beat around the bush either. It’s mostly the Democrat party.

The Democrat party is actively –passionately – undermining our liberty and it’s not because they think they’re helping us. They don’t care about us, the people. The citizens, rather. They care about controlling us. They care about getting wealthy. They care about feeding their massive egos with unchecked power to rule over us, their subjects, because in their hearts they know better than we do how things ought to be. Most of all, they care about safeguarding themselves from any chance of losing what they’ve gained. After all, why should something as silly as an election get in the way of their righteous progress? Those of us who believe in liberty and principles of individual freedom are finding ourselves incapable of fighting it, I think, because we’re treating it as a political problem while the Democrats are fighting a war. We’re trying to win elections while they’re trying to destroy all of their opposition for good.

Look at the state of this election. There are a lot of great conservative, liberty-minded writers and pundits who are passing on Trump because ‘we need to form a new party’, or rebuild a new conservative base. That sounds all well and good, but by the time you get around to finding a new party, we’re going to need a new country. [Spoiler: there won’t be another] The Democrats have all but locked up the electoral map against us. They are winning by any means necessary – lying, cheating, stealing, breaking laws, putting the screws on us at every turn – and our impotent leaders are letting it happen while reminding us that we have the moral high ground so we’ll win eventually. I don’t think they’re right, at least not if we don’t make some half-time adjustments.

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I think the most effective adjustment we can make is to start treating this more like a war and less like politics. No, I don’t mean the kind with bullets. I mean the kind where we act like we want to win because the alternative is unfathomable. In a war, you don’t turn your nose up to the guy in your foxhole because he isn’t your best buddy. As long as he’s sending his bullets in the same direction as you are, you freaking let him. After you win the war, you can hang out with whoever you want.

In my opinion, this applies to everyone refusing to vote for Trump, many of which I have huge admiration for from a political perspective. It also applies to people like Marco Rubio who are saying we shouldn’t give attention to the WikiLeaks information dumps because it’s from an outside influence and that’s morally wrong. Are you kidding, Marco? Lady liberty is gasping for air and we need every advantage we can get. Here we have PROOF of widespread collusion and criminal activity that exposes the Democrat party for what we’ve been alleging they are for years, and we’re supposed to ignore it? I don’t think so.

Some pundits like to joke that we could find a video of Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton robbing a bank and their defenders would still defend them no matter how obviously outrageous and deceitful it makes them. That’s entirely right.  It isn’t a joke anymore. It’s completely true.

When the video evidence came out exposing Planned Parenthood for their obvious lies and disgusting practice of harvesting baby parts to sell, did anyone care? The same media and political elite that assume the moral high ground over us on a daily basis ignored us and defended the abortion enterprise at all costs because they’re fighting a war. We had incontrovertible video evidence of little baby limbs getting sorted out as they were prepared for market. Every video release was proof that stood directly against what Planned Parenthood and their apologists were saying just hours prior, and no one cared. Sick jokes were being made about how the parts were kept in a freezer called the ‘nursery’ and after selling enough one woman was hoping to buy a Lamborghini.

James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas have released magnificently outrageous and damming evidence of collusion between the Democrat party, the Clinton campaign, and the mainstream media. The videos prove widespread voter fraud and conspiracy to promote violence at Trump rallies, among a host of other diabolical things. Most of all, the videos prove that everything the left accuses us of being is exactly who they are. Do you see their voter base rising up in outrage over how they’ve been deceived and manipulated? Nope. They’re circling the wagons and telling us what we saw with our own two eyes isn’t true and should be dismissed. As usual, they’re trying to win the war and our leaders are twiddling their thumbs.

The truth is that Trump wasn’t my guy and this election hasn’t gone the way I wanted, but if the Democrats retain power for another four or eight years, it will be nearly impossible to reign in their authority. The first thing Hillary is going to do is work on silencing her opposition. What will stop her from expanding the massive bureaucracy and legislating with even greater authority from the oval office just as Obama has? Congress? They’ve surrendered their power. They are currently the weakest branch of government. The courts? Please. They’re already saturated with Obama appointed leftist judges and that will only expand under Hillary, all the way up to the Supreme Court.

Are you ready for a handful of people in black robes to tell you that you don’t have the right to own your guns? Are you ready for your pay stubs to get even smaller so the government can impose their carbon taxes, ‘fairness’ taxes, and Lord knows what else they’ll dream up? Are you ready to surrender our sovereignty to the United Nations?  I’m not.

There are things we can do, but we have to at least agree that our goal is to beat the Democrat party because the alternative is not something we can afford. America no longer has a political problem. We have a tyranny problem. This is a war for liberty, and we should start acting like it.

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