Lesbian Comedian Discovers Growing Trump Rebellion

The lesbian comedian, Wanda Sykes, cursed out her audience in Boston because they booed her for attacking Trump.

Why would an entertainer, even a lesbian comedian, think that she could get away with attacking her customers?

Warning: The video below contains bad language.


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The incident took place at the TD Garden, an arena in Boston. The comedians were supposedly there to raise money for cancer.

According to The Boston Herald, Sykes was the fifth performer.

“I am certain this is not the first time we’ve elected a racist, sexist, homophobic president,” she said.

Although other comics, including Worcester native Denis Leary, waded into politics during their sets — Danvers’ own Nick DiPaolo was booed during his — it seemed the crowd reacted far more harshly to Sykes’ take on Trump and the California comedian was quick to fire back.

“(Expletive) you, (expletive) you, (expletive) you,” Sykes said to the audience members who were booing her set at the country’s longest-running comedy fundraiser.

The booing began about five minutes into Sykes’ performance and she stayed on stage to finish her set, also delivering jokes on topics outside of the political realm.

But before she left the stage, Sykes flipped the three-quarters capacity crowd the finger when the boo-birds came back out to send her off the stage.

Sykes was in a state in which the majority voted for Hillary Clinton. Maybe that made her feel like she could recycle the common lies about Donald Trump and get away with it.

But just because a bare majority is in favor of one candidate doesn’t mean that supporters of the other candidate are rare.

Of course, those people are not going to applaud what they regard as gross slander.

More importantly, the vote has informed them that they are not alone and not even outnumbered substantially.

Think about it: the lying polls that showed Hillary winning easily made Trump supporters feel like a minority. They thought the whole world was against them. So when Trump was insulted (and, more importantly, when people who preferred him to Hillary Clinton were insulted), they tended to keep quiet.

But now they know better and they are going to speak up when they are attacked!

So, while entertainers had their arrogant delusional fun during the campaign because they had the opposition so intimidated, that illusion has been shattered by the election. Trump voters now know their own power is society. No straight, gay, or liberal comedian, is going to get away with gratuitous insults anymore.

And if this is what happens in Massachusetts, imagine what will happen in a red state!

Entertainers and businesses are going to learn that attacking people for their political beliefs is no longer tolerated. The customers and employees can fight back. They can boo. They can boycott. They can quit and work for someone who isn’t a Democrat bully because thy now know there are plenty of such employers.

Even more than the political consequences, this election has liberated society by declaring that the media and entertainment industries are impotent. They are outnumbered. They don’t matter.

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