Lena Dunham Donating Sale of Election Night Tantrum Dress to Abortion Mill

Editorial credit: JStone / Shutterstock.com

The hypocrisy and self-righteousness of the liberal left can be perfectly summed up by one Hollywood celebutante over all others:  Lena Dunham.

Dunham, who writes and stars in the HBO series Girls, has made it extremely clear that she is no fan of America’s conservative roots, nor is she a fan of current President Donald J. Trump.  The risqué and all-too-often-naked actress was famously one of the multitude of Hollywood crybabies who reneged on their threat to move abroad should Trump be elected, much to the dismay of Americans everywhere.  In the months since that fateful night in November, the actress has consistently inserted herself into the political conversation, claiming that the mere election of Donald Trump had caused her intense emotional pain and suffering, at one point describing how she spent election night crying all over her dress after her hopes and dreams of a Hillary Clinton presidency were snatched away by America’s conservative uprising.

Now, in an effort to offend the nation’s sensibilities even further, Dunham is planning to sell off the very dress that she slobbered and sobbed all over, with the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood.

“Desperate for attention and fiending to promote and expand abortion, Girls creator Lena Dunham is selling the dress she wore and cried in on Election Day, when her dreams of a pantsuit-clad habitual liar becoming the first female president were shattered. In typical Dunham fashion, the proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, an abortion corporation subsidized by the government and responsible for over seven million aborted unborn babies to date.

“To cope with the election loss, Dunham will sell over 100 items, including the tear-stained election night dress, on an online consignment site called RealReal, reports The Hill.

“’I realized I had been carrying around a lot of crap, both internally and externally,’ the 31-year-old told The New York Times. 

“The feminist with an affinity for lying about abuse is selling the dress for $125 and sending along a ‘personal note’ for the unfortunate buyer.”

Dunham has been widely criticized for her overzealous liberalism and ridiculous worldview.

In recent months, Dunham has claimed that her dangerously swift weight loss was not due to an eating disorder or the rampant cocaine use found in feminist Hollywood, but instead due to her overwhelming “sickness” over the election of Donald Trump as Commander in Chief.  These statements come amid the actress’ absurdly violent threats against pro-lifers and her continued hatred for America’s conservative core.


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