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Could Leftwing Feminist Lena Dunham Sink any Lower?

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A blockbuster New York Times story suggests the ‘Girls’ star knew about Weinstein’s assaults against women … but stayed silent.

Lena Dunham is having a tough time of it of late. And it could get much worse.

How much so? It depends how invested the media and feminist leaders remain in defending the one-time “It” girl.

The far-left star of HBO’s “Girls” has been pummeled by embarrassing headlines in recent times. Think the dustup with an animal shelter over her surrendering an adopted pup. Or how she insinuated football great Odell Beckham, Jr. was a jerk with zero proof beyond her fertile imagination.

What about how she attempted to shame two American Airline workers for “hate speech” without much evidence to back it all up?

Now, combine all of the above with her recent gaffe, a doozy that shredded her feminist bona fides. She instantly branded a woman who claimed a male “Girls” writer sexually assaulting her a liar. That broke Dunham’s woke commandment: Thou shall believe every woman who claims she’s been sexually assaulted.

Dunham quickly backtracked. The damage was done.

All of the above may just be a warm up act.

The Weinstein Scandal Gets Uglier

A shocking new report by The New York Times could make Dunham’s life much more complicated. Not to mention the damage it might do to her remaining feminist credentials…


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