The Left’s Losing Its Mind Over Trump’s Possible Cabinet Appointments Should Tell You Something

The media’s attempt to destroy the presidency of Donald J Trump before it even fairly begins is purring along nicely. Last week we were told Trump didn’t really expect to win and is unprepared to serve. And this week we have been treated to the hysteria over the leaks and announcements of who may or may not end up in the President Elect’s administration and cabinet.

First and foremost are the lies that Trump’s new strategy man is a “racist, Jew-hating, white supremacist.”

When the President Elect announced that he had appointed current GOP Party Chair Reince Priebus as his chief of staff, most in the media gave a collective shrug. Priebus is a member of the GOP establishment, certainly, but Trump rewarded him with this appointment because Reince really took his career in his hands by backing Trump 100 percent during the campaign despite the loud voices of the Never Trumpers in his own party who wanted to put Hillary in the White House.

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But it was Trump’s appointment of former Breitbart News chief Stephen K. Bannon to an important role as chief strategist that sent the media into a tizzy of lies, innuendo, and baseless accusations.

With Bannon, the media threw away even a pretense of its usual “some say” practice used when it wants to smear someone on the center right side of aisle.

Usually, when the media wants to pretend it is  “unbiased” but still wants to smear a Republican as evil it uses the “some say so-and-so is evil” narrative. That way reporters can pretend they didn’t really call the Republican evil because, after all, they didn’t say it… “some” did.

Yet in the case of Mr. Bannon the left has thrown away any pretense that it intends to be unbiased about the reporting of his inclusion in the Trump White House. To the far left media Steve Bannon IS a hater, Bannon IS a racist, Bannon IS a white supremacist, Bannon IS a Jew-hater. No more “some say.” They are outright asserting these lies as facts.

The worst of all these attempts to libel Steve Bannon was a piece by Gawker’s Gizmodo entitled, “10 Headlines About Science and Tech From the White House’s New Chief Strategist.”

In the case of this piece of garbage, Bannon didn’t write a single one of the “10 headlines” that Gawker insists Bannon wrote. They were all written by other people and Gawker presents no proof that Bannon had anything to do with them other than the fact that he was part of the same company that published them.

Bannon is only the leftist media’s main target. They are also attacking nearly every other candidate who is either announced or rumored to be under consideration.

Another possible Trump appointee that leaked to the media hapened on Tuesday when conservative activist Phil Kerpen revealed that an insider told him Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach was a possibility for the next U.S. Attorney General.

Kobach is already part of Donald Trump’s immigration transition team. He shot to national attention in 2010 for being one of the key architects of Arizona’s SB-1070, a law that aimed to reduce illegal immigration and to give police more power to quiz suspects on their immigration status.

Naturally the left went wild over the idea that Kobach could be next in line after Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, the two most left-wing and activist Attorney Generals in U.S. history. Kobach was soon called a “racist” and a hater of immigrants, and even an advocate of voter suppression.

Liberal hatemongers were explicit about what they thought about Kobach.

Even some Republicans got in the act of attacking rumored Trump cabinet appointments. Newly re-elected Kentucky Senator and one-time GOP candidate for president Rand Paul jumped to the Internet to attack the suggestion that former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton might be Trump’s pick for Secretary of State.

Senator Paul was upset because he considers Bolton a war hawk whereas Trump made no bones about his opposition to the Iraq war as he campaigned for the nation’s top job.

Paul, a more libertarian-minded Senator, is likely one of the few on the center right who would criticize Bolton, though.

Naturally, the liberal media has decided that there is “growing tension” among the GOP as Trump begins to pick his cabinet. That way the leftist media can claim Trump has already bungled his presidency before it even started. It’s all spin, folks. Don’t believe it.

Take the far left Washington Post and its coverage, for instance. Get a load of this, well, loaded headline: “Key figures purged from Trump transition team.”

Firstly, if some members of the original team were let go, that by definition means they aren’t “key members.” And “purged” is a nicely loaded word used to color Trump’s changing of his team as some sort of sinister move.

And if you doubt my point, here is the Post’s first line: “The bloodletting in President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team that began with last week’s ouster of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie escalated Tuesday…”

“Bloodletting”? Not too biased. Nothing like shading the news, eh?

Of course, the truth is these are the guys former transition team leader Chris Christie put in place just before it became known that his own staffers back in New Jersey were found guilty of political corruption. So, in reality Trump was just getting rid of the people who are loyal to Gov. Christie who is increasingly under pressure over the corruption of his office back home. It makes sense, one might think.

Others under consideration for Trump’s new cabinet are Georgia Representative Tom Price who is rumored as a candidate for the Department of Health and Human Service. Price is a doctor and one of the main proponents of a replacement bill for Obamacare. The left hates Price, of course, because he is a detractor of the odious Obamacare.

Then there was a late rumor on Tuesday night that Texas Senator Ted Cruz was under consideration as U.S. Attorney General and another claiming that California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher was in the running for Secretary of State.

Finally, there is one person who wont be in consideration for a spot on Trump’s cabinet, at least if we take his word for it. Doctor Ben Carson, a big Trump supporter, has already said he is not interested in serving in Trump’s Washington.

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