The left’s double standard with Wikileaks

The craziness and illogic of the left is beyond bizarre in so many ways. Here’s one example. (A warning to the left: this writing will not be emotion-based or name-calling, which are the ways of the left, but is based on facts, which is kryptonite to the left.) Let’s compare two Wikileaks issues.

On the one hand, Wikileaks shows some emails of what goes on behind the scenes in the democrat party, the truth of which are not contested. It’s all damaging and shows corruption, disdain for its constituents and collusion with the media to both damage Bernie Saunders and Donald Trump. This is in addition to Hillary destroying emails and devices that held them which were subpoenaed by congress, and lying to congress and the FBI, which Comey confirmed. And most of those leaks were actually good in that they prevented America making a grave mistake by electing Hillary. Instead of scorn, Wikileaks and its source should have received a Pulitzer Prize for valuable investigative reporting.

On the other hand, Bradley/Chelsea Manning leaked over 700,000 documents that gave information of who operatives were that were working for America which led in many cases to them being killed by the enemy (which John McCain, Peter King, Newt and others said happened). And instead of even being close to the uproar over the democrat party leaks, OBAMA COMMUTES MANNING’S SENTENCE!

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Where is the uproar over that? The damage done by Manning and the pardon is far greater in magnitude than the good from revealing the hypocrisy behind the democrat scenes. Instead the uproar is mostly pinned on “Russian hacking,” which has never been proven. And even if it was, we should thank the Russians for doing us the big favor of exposing the two-faced reality of the democrats.

This is why I find it hard to comprehend that so-called intelligent people in the media and colleges and government and entertainment aren’t proportionally upset by the irony here shown in this comparison.

Of course because of that I have no respect for the so-called intelligentsia, as they emotionally cling to the mantras of “bad Russia” and “racist Trump” and their allowing-baby-killing-at-all-costs bad hearts.

And it is despicable how pro-Trump blacks are attacked once they recognize that Trump actually has GOOD plans for the inner cities. I think they don’t like that because it takes away their being able to falsely demonize him as a racist.

Hopefully that will all be part of the swamp that will be getting drained. Watch Tucker Carlson’s show on FoxNews, where some of this draining is taking place. I also break down what’s behind the psychological illness that the left suffers from in my book The Plague Of Liberalism (

Dennis Marcellino

Dennis’s purpose is to show that the culture is very off in many ways and people are suffering as a result … whereas the Bible is provably the perfect standard for truth and solving the problems in the culture and individual lives. He is available for interview. His media kit can be seen at and Dennis's books and DVDs can be found at

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