The Left’s Assault on Patriotism and the Rise of American Socialism

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The brilliant conservative comedian/philosopher, Evan Sayet, recently hit the nail on the head while diagnosing one of our nation’s biggest problems – the death of patriotism and the rise of socialism.

From Evan Sayet’s Facebook Page:

In the wake of World War II, the world knew that nothing like National Socialism could be allowed to happen again. The Leftists took advantage of this fact, and convinced the world the problem was nationalism.

Europe dealt with this by creating a supranational government, the EU. America dealt with it by waging war against patriotism and dividing Americans based on race, sex, income and nation of their ancestry.

The problem is that the evil was never nationalism — nationalism isn’t evil, it’s morally neutral depending on the character of the nation one adores — the evil was always Socialism.

In fact, Nationalism was the only bulwark against the evils of Socialism. If the people of Great Britain hadn’t so loved their nation, they wouldn’t have had a reason to so fiercely stand up to the Socialists bombardments and win World War II. If Americans hadn’t so loved their country, they wouldn’t have had a reason, much less the fortitude, to stand up against the evils of Communism and win the Cold War.

The Leftist assault on patriotism has been so successful that, in America, simply to be called a “patriot” today is seen as a synonym for a terrorist. In fact, the word was one of the criteria used by the Obama administration in determining who to use the IRS to war against in their corrupt and evil campaign.

This war of the Socialists against the Nationalists is the underlying war that has been going on in America (and Western Civiliation) ever since and it is now coming to a head. It was the choice offered to the British who chose to be a nation rather than part of a Socialist entity with their vote to exit the EU and it is the choice being offered the American people between the Socialist Hillary Clinton and the Nationalist Donald Trump.

I implore you to vote for the Nationalist, whatever his flaws, over the Socialist, because being patriotic about America is the ONLY bulwark against the utter evils of the Socialists, be they National Socialists or International Socialists because socialism and it’s sister ideology Communism (and it’s ally, Islamism) are the true evils in this world.

Read more of Evan’s great work at and make sure to check out his wonderful book at It’s called KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks and it’s been praised by Rush Limbaugh, Larry Elder, Dennis Miller, and many other conservative leaders!

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