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Leftists Now Comparing Trump’s Boy Scout Ballyhoo to Nazi Regime

A number of strange attacks have been adopted by the American political left in order to bludgeon our Commander in Chief with insults.

For much of the campaign, we were subjected to redundant and ridiculous assertions about the size of then-candidate Trump’s hands – an insult so foreign to politics that the President himself was forced to address it during a televised debate.

Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live to show off his predictable and tired Trump impersonation, as the struggling franchise attempted to exploit the ease at which their writers could coddle and capitulate the meager millennial sense of humor.  (Or lack thereof).  There have even been abhorrent assertions that the President of the United States, the leader of the free world, is sexually attracted to his own daughter.  The level of filth being unleashed by the left is downright appalling.

Now, the latest attack on the President comes as Trump addressed the National Boy Scout Jamboree today, in a speech that critics likened to Nazi Germany.  

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“Unhinged liberals and radical left-wing activists likened President Trump’s Monday night speech before the National Boy Scout Jamboree with Nazi Germany; comparing the President’s address with those given by Adolf Hitler during the 1930s.

“President Donald Trump received a warm reception from scouts and leaders at the 2017 National Boy Scout Jamboree, where he delivered a speech to the nearly 40,000-strong crowd.

“‘A lot of love in this big, beautiful place,’ Trump said to Jamboree-goers. At one point, the massive crowd began chanting ‘We Love Trump!’

“Liberal activists did not view the speech too kindly, with many conflating the imagery with Hitler’s address before Nazi Youth rallies commonplace throughout the 1930s.”

The tradition of the President addressing the jamboree goes back 80 years.  For those of you keeping score at home, World War II began in earnest 78 years ago.

Beyond the left’s mathematical shortcomings, the comparison between Trump and Hitler has become so commonplace and predictable that few, even on the left, believe that there is any merit to the assertion.  In reality, the use of “Hitler” as an insult is so widespread at this point in time that it is losing its edge completely.  We have been assailed with the same, repetitive democratic drivel for decades, making this well rehearsed attack on the President of the United States fall flatter than ever.

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