Leftists Continue Crusade Against Seth Rich Truthers, Pressuring Hannity Advertisers

The story of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich has gained national attention this week, and some powerful figures on the left are suspiciously doing all they can to censor and discredit anyone who dares to discuss it.

For those not in the know, Seth Rich was a Democratic National Committee staff member who has been widely considered the source of Wikileaks’ access to Hillary Clinton campaign emails.  Shortly after that assumption began seeing the light of day, Rich was gunned down and killed in what was officially dubbed a “botched robbery”, in which Rich’s wallet, watch, cash, and cell phone were not taken.

Given the explosive information that was purportedly at his fingertips, the timing of the “robbery” was suspicious, to say the least, and further research showed that police were also in possession of Rich’s laptop…a laptop that was at Rich’s home at the time of his murder, meaning that police specifically went to his home to retrieve the device to “assist” in their investigation.

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The story itself certainly warrants a more thorough look than many have given it, especially given the well-known proclivity for enemies of Hillary Clinton to wind up mysteriously deceased, but someone or someones are pulling massive strings behind the scenes to silence doubters of the official story.

Now, even Fox News’ own Sean Hannity is feeling the brunt of the Seth Rich conspiracy cabal, have several of his advertisers pull their material from his show after Hannity merely mentioned the extremely strange circumstances surrounding Seth Rich’s passing.

“A number of companies have pulled ads from Fox News host Sean Hannity’s show Hannity after he pledged to continue investigating circumstances surrounding the death of murdered DNC employee Seth Rich.

“Companies including, Peloton, and Leesa Sleep have all given in to pressure to cease advertising on the show over Hannity’s pursuit of now retracted claims made by Fox News that murdered DNC employee Seth Rich had contact with Wikileaks before his death.

“On Tuesday evening, Hannity invited internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom onto his show to discuss his claim that Seth Rich had provided Wikileaks with internal Democratic party emails.

“However, after Rich’s family sent a letter to Fox demanding that Hannity not host KimDotcom, the appearance was cancelled, with Hannity saying he made the decision ‘out of respect for the family’s wishes.'”

As cruel as it may sound, the idea that Seth Rich’s family would be content with the outcome of the original investigation into Seth’s death seems more than a little strange, in and of its own right.  There are far too many bizarre circumstances involved in the case for any critically thinking adult to simply accept the outcome of the “official” story.  Surely, a grieving family member or two could have a different outlook than skepticism, but the sheer volume of leftist hatred and behind the scenes action that has gone into silencing the media regarding this story is suspicious enough to warrant consideration.


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