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Leftists Attack Nebraska Republican Party Offices, Leave Vile Vandalism

Another battlefront has apparently been discovered in the war against American conservatives, as an ugly incident in Nebraska has shown us this week.

For those of you who have somehow avoided the news over the course of the last 3 years, we are in the midst of something incredible in our nation.  Or, perhaps, we are truly caught between two forces of nature that are wreaking havoc on the civility of our society.

The first is a slow tidal wave of conservatism sweeping over the nation.  A great right wing awakening.  A return to the traditional idea that America, and Americans, should be an example to the world in regard to sovereignty, individual freedoms, prosperity, and the hard work that makes all of it tick.  We are no longer afraid to be American.  We aren’t living under a president who capitulates to the Iranian Islamic regime, or who was incapable of corralling the courage to tackle the issue of North Korea.

No, the ship America is now being helmed by one of history’s most successful businessman.

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And it shows.

President Donald Trump is one of the aforementioned forces of nature.  The other, however, raining vitriol down like some sort of Biblical storm cloud, is the radical left, who are doing their best impression of those wacky, inflatable arm displays that you see at car dealerships.

“Look at me!  I’m so mad!  Triggered, even!”

The latest ridiculous stunt perpetrated by these uncouth youths comes to us from Nebraska:

Vandals threw a brick through the window of the Nebraska Republican Party’s headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Monday night, the party said Tuesday.

Republican staffers found a spray-painted message beneath the broken window: “ABOLISH ICE.”

Nebraska GOP executive director Kenny Zoeller confirmed to The Daily Caller News Foundation that they have filed a police report in relation to Monday night’s vandalism.

Prominent Democrats across the country have been whipping up support for abolishing U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE), in an appeal to the party’s left-wing base.

If we’re looking for a reason for this sudden escalation in violence, we needn’t search too far past the front steps on any major television news outfit.

Not only was the mainstream media explicitly complicit in the inciting of these actions, but they were also quite the enabler once Maxine Waters decided to go full Rambo on the conservative majority in our nation.  Now, we are reaping what they’ve sown, with violence coming in from all angles.

Will the left clean up their act without a nudge in the right direction?  Unlikely.  Will they continue to push and prod the American people until that “nudge” becomes a “shove”?  There is only one way to find out, and the left knows it.

Oh, and in case anyone needed a history lesson regarding this sort of purposeful discrimination and vandalism against your political enemies, I’ll just leave this right here for you:



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