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Leftist Voting Rights Agitator Convicted of 35 Counts Of…


Even before the release of Wikileaks documents proving election tampering by the left, it was fairly obvious what the liberals were up to.

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Their consistent insistence that voter fraud simply does not exist is absurd, to say the least.  This willy-nilly, free for all stance on protecting one of Americans’ most sacred rights was simply a way for the democrats to infiltrate and exploit the weaknesses of our electoral process.  It is certainly not to keep our elections fair and free, as they would have you believe.  Furthermore, challengers to this liberal point of view are treated with a heaping dose of racist rhetoric from the leftists.

The left is so very intent on convincing you that voter fraud is imaginary so that one of their own can commit 35 counts of it all by her lonesome.

“Rebecca A. Hammonds was working for the Ohio Organizing Collaborative (OOC) in September and October of 2015. At that time, the Columbiana County elections board director found discrepancies in voter registration applications filed by the group. Five of the names were of dead people.

“After an investigation, Hammonds was arrested on 35 counts of voter fraud – a felony. The maximum sentence for each count is one year in prison, The Salem News reports.

“While the state’s attorney had no objection to probation, Judge Pike sentenced Hammonds to six months in prison.

“’I just can’t overlook this. You attempted to violate the integrity of our election process in the county,’ he said, adding that Hammonds would have gotten away with it were it not for the alert staff at the elections board.

“’You made a mockery of our system … If 180 days (in the county jail) doesn’t teach you a lesson, nothing will,’ Pike added.”

Now, with conservatives in control of our government, perhaps Americans can take back their vote from thieves such as Hammond, and return the proper dignity and accuracy to our electoral process.


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