Leftist Stooges Complain About Sexism in MOAB Moniker


Liberals have absolutely no qualms with eschewing every last shred of their dignity in their pursuit of insulting the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

They’ve been working on their angry, and often derogatory rhetoric for years – long before the successful businessman had any aspirations of running for office.  His subsequent success has only added fuel to the proverbial fire, with now-President Trump taking his fair share of lumps in recent months.

Now, even his military actions are being attacked by delusional leftists who seek out any excuse to speak out against the leader of the free world, including a highly effective airstrike in Afghanistan that not only eliminated 36 ISIS operatives without taking a single civilian life, but also had the secondary effect of scaring the pants off of enemies such as North Korea, Syria, and Russia who have been provoking the United States in recent weeks.

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“The United States dropped a 22,000-pound bomb on Islamic State forces in Afghanistan Thursday, reportedly killing 36 ISIS fighters. The bomb was the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat.

“The bomb, a Massive Ordinance Air Blast weapon, is often referred to as ‘MOAB.’ The acronym led to its nickname ‘mother of all bombs.’

“Liberals were quick tohash out their thoughts on social media, but one criticism of the day’s incident was particularly puzzling.

“’MOAB is the epitome of lethal patriarchy,’ one Twitter user said…

“Liberal Twitter users were offended at the term for various reasons, one even asking the question, ‘Why isn’t it called the ‘father of all bombs?’”

While the left was certainly primed and ready for this sort of oblivious anger, ignoring centuries of colloquial dialect and linguistics, other members of the Twitterverse were quick to point out that all of these angsty retorts would certainly not come in handy when millennials are drafted into the armed services for World War III.

In a way, this ridiculously unwarranted outrage is a rewriting of history and the English language…something leftists have been doing for ages.  Their plan to homogenize society to fit their bizarre constructs reeks of fascism, and is akin to the Nazi book burnings that occurred during World War II.



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