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Leftist Protesters Shut Down Trump Rally, And The Media Blames Trump

The Left proceeded to the next phase of Operation Stop Trump as it resorted to intimidation and violence to force the cancelling of a Donald Trump rally Friday inside the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion.

The Associated Press headline is pretty benign: “GOP candidate Trump calls off rally due to security concerns.”

Yet the event was anything but benign as leftist protesters pushed, jostled and generally bullied their way into the stadium, taking up about half of the seats, according to several witnesses.

Before the gates opened, police had to separate The Donald’s supporters and the leftist Black Lives Matter, pro-illegal immigrant, pro-Muslim refugee, Bernie Sanders crowd that showed up with the intent of shutting the GOP candidate down.

They succeeded.

It’s the old Saul Alinsky playbook: Intimidate, shut down opposition, repeat.

In the days leading up to the rally, dozens of university staff had petitioned the administration to shut down the planned event, claiming it would result in physical danger to students.

So who brought the danger?

CNN’s Don Lemon interviewed Trump after the cancellation and claimed that his supporters started all the fights, which the candidate denied.

Whoever started what, the intent of the protesters was to show up and cause trouble.

Trump’s supporters, on the other hand, aren’t ones to take any guff. The presidential candidate himself has spoken from the podium and encouraged his followers to stand up to protesters.

It’s questionable whether leftists are solely to blame for any violence at Trump rallies, though they certainly were at their bullying best on Friday. The Left has often tried to crush opposition, but now it’s been successful on a huge scale. A terrible precedent has been set.

What’s equally worrisome, however, is what seems to be the increasingly zealous character of some Trump supporters. Many of them seem to be intent on matching the dregs of the Left in terms of disrespectful behavior, and the candidate who seems likely to get the GOP nomination is not trying to defuse the situation.

The Trump phenomenon may be unstoppable, and it may put an end to eight years of bad Marxist rubbish in the White House and cronyism in the leadership of both parties.

But that alone doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good thing.

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