Leftist Plan to Target Conservative Media Annihilated by FEC

The desperate democrats have been attempting to stymy conservative America in a number of disturbing ways, not the least of which has been a campaign to discredit the free press.

Mainstream media outlets have been falling from grace by the handful in the months since Donald Trump’s inauguration, after opening themselves up to a litany of criticism regarding “fake news” and the right wing media’s supposed interference from the Russia government.  Of course, none of what the leftist media is purporting to be true is grounded in reality.  Instead, it is a simple and disturbing smear campaign aimed at creating doubt in America, rather than a journalistic endeavor meant to expose some twisted truth that the left believes they have cornered.

One such tactic being employed by the doomed democratic party was a piece of legislation that could be used to target the free press conservative media.  The potential for censorship and the possible elimination of Free Speech contained within this bureaucratic botch-job was far too obvious for even the FEC, who quickly and decisively struck down the attempted media coup.

“The FEC has declined to consider new rulemaking over alleged foreign influence in the 2016 presidential election that could target conservative media including InfoWars and Breitbart News. In a statement released by Vice Chair Caroline Hunter and Commissioners Lee Goodman and Matthew Petersen, the members state they ‘cannot support proposals that would burden the free speech rights of American citizens based on incomplete information about foreign activities in the 2016  election.’

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“They further describe Weintraub’s proposal as one that would ‘blunt’ the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizen’s United.’ In the opinion of three members who wrote the statement, there is no information currently showing that the FEC’s existing rules that prohibit foreign involvement in U.S. elections are ‘inadequate to detect, enforce, and punish violations.’

“The statement was released by the three Republicans serving as FEC commissioners. Weintraub and Democrat Steven Walther are the other two current members, meaning there is at least a 3-2 majority in the Republicans favor on this issue.”

You see, Free Speech only exists in the left’s purview when it is their wayward opinions that are being subject to ridicule.

The double standards inherent in the democratic hive-mind have long been targeting America’s conservative base, hoping to relegate right wing opinions to the basement of the nation’s media mansion.  Now, with CNN and others facing extreme backlash over their continued exploitation of unethical and amoral practices, Americans are quickly succumbing to a new media awakening in which these dinosaurs of the “news” landscape are facing extinction at the hands of an asteroid named Trump.

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