Al Franken

Leftist Judge in Ohio Makes LAME Excuse for Al Franken’s Behavior

The democratic world is crumbling, thanks to a number of horrendous allegations being levied against some of their most influential figures.

Of course, Harvey Weinstein’s incredibly disturbing and enormous cache of accusers opened the floodgates of lewd, leftist behavior to the public, given that the Hollywood mogul was a liberal kingmaker of the highest degree.  With over sixty individual accusers, Weinstein has been the de facto “face” of this current cultural revolution in which Americans are returning to the traditional, respectful roles of men and women, and shying away from the liberal nonsense that blurred the behavioral lines for so long.

Yesterday, democratic Senator Al Franken added his name to the list of the accused and perverse after damning photos and allegations surfaced regarding the former Saturday Night Live cast member forcing himself upon female journalist Leanne Tweeden while working of the USO.  Tweeden not only described an incident in which Franken attempted to forcefully kiss her on stage, but photos of Franken groping Tweeden’s breast while she was asleep have been widely distributed.

Democrats, for the most part, have been wise enough to distance themselves from Franken.  One judge in Ohio, however, has come out swinging in favor of the Minnesota democrat with one of the most absurd justifications we have ever heard.

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“These days, politicians all over the political spectrum wake up each morning in dread that they will be hit with sexual harassment or abuse allegations. One of those politicians is clearly Bill O’Neill, Ohio Supreme Court justice and Democratic gubernatorial candidate, a self-proclaimed ‘Father. Veteran. Nurse. Ohio Supreme Court Justice. Candidate for Ohio Governor.’

“In order to forestall any allegations against him, O’Neill launched an epic pre-emptive strike on Facebook:

Al Franken

Wait.  What?

Semantics aside, (since a great many believed that O’Neill was referring to Bob Taft as the “love of his life”), this may be one of the most ridiculous and incredibly disturbing reactions that we have ever seen when it comes to democratic debauchery.  O’Neill sounds more like a bragging sophomore with a penchant for lackluster poetry than he does a court judge in America.

Also, by attempting to whitewash “heterosexual males” as an excuse for Franken’s predatory behavior, O’Neill is simply employing the “oh well, it happens” defense.

And that, Americans, is despicable.

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