Leftist Idea on Guns Has Conservative Students Being Bullied for Beliefs

One of the most beautiful sights to behold in America is a respectful political debate in which each side is allowed to espouse their beliefs in order to better understand one another.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t sell a whole lot of television advertising.

Instead, the folks at CNN, MSNBC, and other liberal media outlets have been forced to take a maneuver form the Hollywood playbook, and push conflict and bitter emotion in order to keep viewers interested through the commercial break.  It’s not news; it’s entertainment.

This carte blanche escalation of rhetoric, with the accompanying and equal downgrade of decorum, has turned our national narrative into a jumbled mess of anger, hatred, and unknowing ignorance.

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In other words:  It’s a mess, and it’s CNN’s fault.

Now, this vitriolic strew of partisan muck has trickled down into one of the most dangerous of all places:  America’s youth education system, where the lines that divide the nation’s adults are now being used to bully and harass America’s children as well.

“Students attending the Conservative Political Action Conference this week said they feel marginalized and bullied by peers at school who support gun control, McClatchy’s DC Bureau reported.

“’Not liking guns is a millennial thing, it’s the cool thing to be against guns,’ said Justin Vaughn, 17, who attends a Maryland High School. Vaughn, a Second Amendment supporter, told McClatchy News he feels like he is on the ‘wrong sides’ the gun control debate.

“Vaughn was relieved to be around other like-minded conservative students from across the nation during the CPAC meeting Friday at National Harbor, Maryland.

“’This is like the only place I’ve seen where kids are on my side,’ Vaughn said.”

Just how awful are the things that Vaugh an others are hearing?

“Many peers at his school view his pro-Second Amendment views as: ‘I’m supporting killers, when I’m really supporting people who want to protect the Constitution.’”

And we thought that kids were cruel when we were growing up.

Is it any better in higher education?

“Jacob Thomas, a 20-year-old student at Germanna Community College in Fredericksburg, Virginia, said he feels his opinions on gun rights are being silenced.

“’You can’t express that opinion, especially on college campuses,’ he told McClatchy News.”

You simply can’t.  That is a powerful and blunt staten from a man three highly formative years removed from his high school days.

Of course, the leftist stronghold on higher education has been well documented over the last few years, thanks to incidents such as the 2017 UC Berkeley riots.

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