Leftist Gestapo Group Complains SOTU Had Too Much “America”

As far as overreactions are concerned, no one quite accomplishes the absurd and aggravated reactions quite like the liberal left.

There are almost too many examples to cite in the progressive cacophony of cackling and criticizing, especially when it comes to our fearless leader, President Donald J. Trump.

From the very moment that Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the highest office in the land, the left was on the scene, attempting at first to scoff the impending President into obscurity.  Then, once they realized that he was to be a ferocious force in the 2016 election, they turned to branding him a racist and a dotard, (a tactic then borrowed by North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, just to show you what wonderful company the democrats keep).

The left was triggered, to use a parlance they will easily digest, and the meltdown has been ongoing for years.

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Last night, this resistance for the sake of resisting hit critical mass during the President’s first State of The Union address.  Not only did the democrats refuse to applaud for any of Trump’s achievements, they did so with a hilarious and contradictory anger unlike anything we’ve ever seen.  In fact, when Donald Trump mentioned that unemployment among African Americans was as low as it has ever been, the Congressional Black Caucus was shown sitting and their hands and scowling in the general direction of whichever television cameras were within eyeshot.

Now, predictably, the ACLU has joined the chorus of jeers with a complaint that makes less sense than hiring a fox to guard your chicken coop.

Apparently, the ACLU believes that Donald Trump used the word “America” too often last night.

“In a written response to Trump’s speech, Faiz Shakir, the ACLU’s national political director, said:

“‘Tonight, President Trump said the word “America” more than 80 times in his speech. Yet, after a divisive first year, we hear and feel how exclusionary that “America” is, with policies that have harmed so many vulnerable American communities. The ACLU stands ready to protect these communities, both in the courts and at the polls.

“‘In particular, the immigration plan put forth by Trump would hold Dreamers hostage to his demands for a harmful border wall and an even larger mass deportation force. We are at this crossroads because of the President’s deeply destructive ideas fomented by his nativist allies and divisive rhetoric. We will continue to stand up for these young immigrants and ensure they continue to contribute to our country. We cannot let America’s Dreamers be deported.'”

Not to be overly obtuse, but has anyone at the ACLU realized that their full name is the American Civil Liberties Union?

Once again, the left and the organizations that represent their divisive ideologies have exposed themselves as nothing more than globalist shills, who have no true love for the concept of American pride.  Until the nation comes to grips with this reality, many are fearful that this liberal fever could infect millions more before finally succumbing to reality.

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