Left-Wing Activists Upset That There Were Fewer Sexual Assaults In Germany This Year

We live in an age that tells us that words do indeed hurt you. That when someone calls you a name that you should be upset. If you are a part of a group of people that make trouble, you should be angry that others single you out.

But, this is how we have to be in a world of constant threat. This is especially true in a situation where it has happened before. But, to do so is considered racist.

Breitbart reports

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Hailed a success by its organizers for reducing the number of violent crimes committed on New Year’s Eve from over 1,000 last year to less than a dozen, Cologne police are now being criticized for using “racial” methods.

Left-wing activists, including members of the local Green party, have criticized the police for focusing their security efforts too clearly at the same groups which were identified as the main perpetrators of the 2016 attacks. The comments came after Cologne police controlled thousands of so-called ‘Nafris’ — North Africans — as they attempted to enter the city centre ring of steel.

This points to a trend in the Left’s thinking. It is as if they want all things to be fair. They want those who envy and hate us the opportunity to harass and kill us. They do not want us to use every tool to protect ourselves. And the reason is ideological.

The Left are humanist, for the most part. They are absolute egalitarians, which mean that they believe in complete equality between every person. No matter where you are from or to what ethnic group you belong, you are no more or no less capable as anyone else.

This seems to be true concerning philosophic and cultural norms. They think that the Muslim culture is equal to all Western cultures. The problem is that history bears out the very opposite. Western culture and especially Western Christian Culture has proven itself far superior to that of any other.

The only explanation is that the Western Christian has oppressed and exploited the Muslim. So, they actually want the Muslim the full opportunity to strike back at the West. And this is why they are mad.

They want the Oppressor defeated by the Oppressed.

To the Left you and your children are the oppressors.


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