Clinton Democrats Use Flint’s Polluted Water as Political Club

There is a clear indication that former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has not slowed her thug mob tactics, even in the face of possible indictment. She and several other liberal politicians have sought to make the suffering of Flint, Michigan a political issue. They do this completely ignoring the facts. Their call is very much a reversal of the way in which they have viewed the country’s crises in the past.

Fox reports

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were the latest to go after Snyder. During Sunday night’s debate, Clinton claimed Snyder didn’t appear to care about the lead that has contaminated Flint’s drinking water.

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“We’ve had a city in the United States of America, where the population, which is poor in many ways, and majority African-American, has been drinking and bathing in lead-contaminated water,” Clinton said. “And the governor of that state acted as though he didn’t really care. He had requests for help that he basically stonewalled.”

It is no surprise that Clinton would use this kind of situation to further her’s and her cohorts’ political ends. And presidential candidates are not alone.

CBS reports

The Rev. Jesse Jackson said Sunday that Flint, Michigan, residents coping with a drinking water crisis “have been betrayed.”

The civil rights leader told a crowd at a church Sunday in Flint that the full effect of the lead contamination of the city’s tap water is not yet known.

He said there should be “tape around the city, because Flint is a crime scene,” reports CBS Detroit.

Now, it is the convenient use of facts that is so funny here. They have actually ignored facts in their mention of the events of Flint. If Clinton and her political goofs were honest, they would have to mention that all this started with a Democrat. And the story goes down hill for her from there.

Fox reports

There is little question that the state bears significant responsibility for the public health crisis. Snyder apologized in December and Michigan’s top environmental regulator, Dan Wyant, resigned after a task force created by Snyder blamed problems on his agency.

The group said the Department of Environmental Quality erred by not requiring Flint to keep corrosive water from leaching lead from service pipes into residents’ homes and belittling concerns from the public. The city had switched from Detroit’s water system to Flint River water in a cost-cutting move in 2014, while under state financial management.

However, the attacks on Snyder omit any mention of former Democratic Flint Mayor Dayne Walling or the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

But, even though Snyder was not in office when this water deal was conducted and was still not in office when a problem was identified, he is to blame? This reveals that the Democrats will stoop to any level to regain Michigan.

It is also convenient that Hillary and the rest of her crusaders failed to tell the public of the government agency’s negligence to protect them from such contamination.

Fox continued

The EPA’s top Midwest official told The Detroit News the agency knew about the lack of corrosion control in the water supply as early as April, after an EPA official identified problems with the drinking water, but did not make the information public.

The paper also cited email exchanges between EPA officials and Walling showing what it described as a “lack of urgency” over the matter and a greater focus on procedure rather than public safety. Walling and other officials repeatedly told residents the water was safe but blamed state and federal agencies for the problems.

This is a popular political tactic: “cherry picking” the facts. Politicians make certain, but not all, facts available. If all of the facts became evident, the agency that failed the people of Flint is as much, if not more responsible than Snyder.

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