The Left Shows Its Intolerance To Senator Tim Scott

We are told all the time that the Left is highly tolerant and that the right is oppressive and hateful. Because we do not agree with every thought or idea someone has, or that we do not accept every variance and view of sexuality we are the intolerant ones. But, there is a way that we can prove this slander untrue.

Christian Apologist Greg Koukl wrote a book called Tactics. In it, he shows how to display philosophical fallacies committed by unbelievers. One of the “tactic” he calls the suicide tactic. Here, once you have listened and understood a person’s view, you show them that their stated view commits suicide.

It is very simple. When a person tells you that for instant, they cannot stand intolerance, you simply ask them if they are intolerant of intolerance. And watch as they try to climb over their irrational thought process.

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We have seen this recently happen on the Senate floor.

Heat Street reports

Senator Tim Scott, the junior US Senator for South Carolina, read aloud racist tweets directed to him on the floor of the US Senate after he expressed his support for Jeff Sessions, who was picked by President Trump as the next attorney general.

Sen. Scott, a Republican, read the tweets to highlight how bigotry isn’t a partisan issue, and that no single party in the United States has a monopoly on racism and malice. The tweets were sent to him by leftists who accused him of being an Uncle Tom and a race traitor.

The tweets Scott shared were very intolerant of him, to say the least. These Tweets were revealing that the Left is only tolerant of those who agree with their view of the world.

The Left shows that they are not arguing from the moral high ground as they are just as, if not more intolerant than the rest of us moral degenerates. But, do not think that this view of themselves will change the way they think.

The Left will go on being intolerant of other views and bragging about how tolerant they are; it’s the only play they have.

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